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Do you like "Playing Poetry"?

If so, then "Word & Question" is the game for you!

JUNE 2015 GAME: Send in your prompts by 10 June!

Here are the rules and mechanics:

1) On the first Wednesday of the month, the host posts a notice asking everyone who wishes to play to send him one word and one question. Then everyone has to e-mail him by the first Friday.

2) The host randomises the words and the questions and makes sure that nobody ends up working with one (or worse, both!) of his submissions.

3) On Sunday, the host e-mails everyone back with his word and question challenge.

4) Everyone writes a poem that uses the word and answers the question. (For more details, see my first post: Let's Play Poetry!)

5) The host for the week publishes his poem on the very next Wednesday. Everyone else gets a two-week grace period to leave the link to his poem in the host's combox. =)

6) We read everyone's poem and say something nice about each one in the respective comboxes.

7) Those who don't link up their poems before the next W&Q game is announced will have to sit out the prompts exchange of that next round but may share their poems in the combox for that round. Check this page regularly for the next W&Q date.

Writing the poem is only half the fun. You get the full deal when you see the unexpected things that other participants have done with your word and your question.

Now, to inspire you, here are my past contributions. Remember to go through the comboxes to find the links to everyone else's poems!

number 1
"Banana" & "Where are we going today?"

number 2
"Spaghetti" & "Do houses need love?"

number 3
"Sweat" & "Am I missing something?"

number 4
"Gleaming" & "Why does the air smell so good after a thunderstorm?"

number 5
"Milquetoast" & "Is that really what you're trying to say?"

number 6
"Albatross" & "Does love make the world go round?"

"Ripening" & "What keeps a man company in joy and in sorrow?"

"Serum" & "Are you getting married in the morning?"

"Tilapia" & "Where does the time go?"

Alphabet Block zero
"Slogan" & "Where were you last night?"

number 1 number 1
"Telegraph" & "How long has it been since you were here?"

number 1 2
"Weasel" & "Where to now?"

Bingo Number 1 number 3

Magnetic number 2 "One!"
"Elvis" & "How long will you tolerate this?"

number 2
"Scotland" & "What is par?"

2 number 2 tile little tikes number 3
"Ragweed" & "What's with this weather, anyway?!?"

Wooden Brick Number 2 Wooden Bingo Number 4
"Exquisite" & "How many chairs will we need?"

Paperclip Number 2 Advent calender drawer number 5
"Tenant" & "Have you ever heard the river's song?"
(But I like my second attempt better)

number 2 6
"Wreath" & "Why does God do that?"

John Crane Classic Block Number 2 Magnetic number 7
"Calamitous" & "Why do you never wear those shoes?"

number 8
"Thirty" & "What do you want for your birthday?"

number 2 number 9
"Mockingbird" & "May I join in?"


"Voice" & "Do you want to write about children or for them?"

"Soliloquy" & "What is my past and what does that tell me about myself here and now?"

COMPLETE! "Grease" & "Might she introduce me to that mysterious bright-eyed damsel by her side?"

"Rocket" & "How do you get up from an all-time low?"

"Silver" & "Who says you're the only one who's heard it?"

NEW! "Close" & "Do you want to work here?"

(Thanks to Spell with Flickr for all the letters!)