08 August 2016


Moving Day

It has been a little over seven years since I started Shredded Cheddar. If this blog were a human body, it would have finally replaced all the cells it started out with. And if it were a thinking human body, it might also be getting philosophical, and asking what the purpose of its existence is. As its creator, I can answer immediately: Shredded Cheddar was meant to be a fun side project with content that didn't fit my main religious blog, Sancta Sanctis. (Notice the "good twin" and "evil twin" names!) It was when I made this my main blog that I found myself unable to describe it properly for the next six years.

Basically, I've been goofing off on Blogger for seven years. While there's nothing wrong with that and we all had some good, clean fun along the way . . . I find that I just want more. That is, I want to get more and to give more out of the writing I do online. And I've decided to do that from a totally new platform.

Not only am I moving Blogger to WordPress, but I'm also leaving the "Enbrethiliel" persona behind. So I won't be linking to my new blog from this post. But if we've been such good friends over the years that we've interacted off the blog, you can expect me to e-mail you my new link once I get the homepage straightened out.

Thanks so much for reading, everyone! It has been such a blast!