31 July 2016


Eurovision Song Contest Country Smackdown, Final Winner!
(Revisit Round 1, Round 2, the Interval, Round 3A, Round 3B, and Round 4)


This may be the only Shredded Cheddar tournament bracket in which a contender that was eliminated fair and square came back to win the whole thing. And of course it would be everyone's favourite Grand Duchy!

Granted, it is here "only" as a representative of all the Francophone ESC countries, starting with La Mere France, and including Monaco, Switzerland, and even dear Belgium. With some reflected glory for other countries that have sneaked in French lyrics--notably Germany and Austria. (Would you have guessed them?) I really should be writing this post en francais, but it's the language I (foolishly) dropped after a classmate told me I couldn't take two languages at the same time. More on that in a future post. What you really want now is the second winner of the year . . .

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congratulations, Brandon! I never saw someone work quite as hard as you to win one of my giveaways--not just this year, but three in a row! =D Send me an e-mail with a mailing address and I'll send Nick Joaquin's Cave and Shadows (or another book, if you've changed your mind about your prize) to you ASAP!

And thanks to everyone else who entered the giveaway, especially Christopher, Itinerante, and R. I truly appreciated every Rafflecopter entry. If I had the Marcos millions, I'd send each of you set of all the books from the Giveaway Pool! I hope we're all still around next year for another contest. =)


Belfry Bat said...


it's nice when someone wins!

Brandon said...


It's nice to see little Luxembourg win something -- and also nice that it won the Eurovision Smackdown because it happens to be very good at representing Europe (the Francophone part, anyway)!

Itinérante said...

Thanks En for all this :)
And congratulations to Brandon :)

Enbrethiliel said...


Bat -- The only thing nicer than when someone enters to win. LOL!

Brandon -- Felicitations! =D

Itinerante -- It was fun, wasn't it? Thanks for participating!

Belfry Bat said...

Oh, it's just I don't feel right entering a contest when it seems most other readers would appreicate the prizes better than I --- I don't seem very able to pay attention to new books, of late.

Enbrethiliel said...


There's someone who enters every year, then gives the prize to someone else.

cyurkanin said...

Congrats to LuxemBrandon!

MrsDarwin said...

Confetti being thrown!

In the "Things That Didn't Happen" category: about ten years ago, there came up the possibility that we might make a job-related move to Luxembourg. Obviously, nothing came of it, but we did a lot of research on the area. I'm pretty sure that's where I first came across the story of Melusine the mermaid. :) Since then, I've had a fondness for Luxembourg, and would love to finally see it in person one day.

Enbrethiliel said...


Christopher -- LOL! The latest celebrity pairing!

Mrs. Darwin -- It's in the past and it didn't pan out, and yet I felt a slight frisson of excitement at your story. It was a door that opened and did not really close. I hope that you do get to see it someday . . . and blog all about it, of course! =D