31 March 2016


Life as a Language Learning Challenge, Step 5

So far, so good . . . I've been counting and doing sums exclusively in L2 for months and praying the rosary in anything but L1. The only bad news is that giving up Il Volo for Lent made L3 take a hit that even Grisu Il Draghetto couldn't shield it against. (Happy Easter, by the way . . . That is: Frohe Ostern, uebrigens! And Buona Pasqua!)

The latest great way that life and language learning has overlapped is in my crafting hobbies . . .

Until I started crocheting along to the above Anleitung, I had been thinking of German as my knitting L2 (Strickensprache?) and Italian as my crocheting L2 (lingua dell'uncinetto???). No reason, really--just associations. Like taking up German before Italian and taking up knitting before crochet: wouldn't the two firstborn children prefer to play together? I had already also crocheted an infinity scarf thanks to an Italian video tutorial, even though it mostly drove home for me what another language learner said about TV being an inferior tool to radio: I could have watched it with the sound off and still successfully made that scarf.

But I wasn't long into the Virustuch video series when the German crochet terms started boring their way into my consciousness despite my not even wanting them to . . . and since then I've been saying "Luftmaschen" instead of "chain stitch." I like the idea of an "air stitch" better than a "chain stitch" anyway. =)

Not that it has to be one or the other, but it seems as if Italian is my knitting L2. A few weeks ago after Mass, I met a girl using a hand-crocheted lace cowl as a veil, and since then I've been looking for a pattern I could use to make a light, lacy cowl of my own. When I finally found one, it involved knitting. Or should I say, "maglia"?

If this pattern works out, there's no way I'll be able to keep myself from mumbling "due punti insieme a diritto" and "un gettato" over and over again. Since I'll be doing it in the round, there will also be several rows of "due punti insieme a rovescio."

The takeaway for all language learners here is that it's good to get in the groove of taking instruction in your L2. If you don't knit or crochet, you can begin (as I actually did) with workout videos. German is my Pilates L2. ;-)

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