07 March 2016


Knitting (and Crocheting) Diary: The Loft

One reason blogging has been so slow lately is that it is simply difficult to type and to manipulate yarn at the same time. I only have one pair of hands--and even if I had that proverbial second pair, I'd still only have one brain and therefore one focus. Plus, the two projects I did back to back this time were greater investments of time than anything I had tried in the past. It all started when I realised I wasn't loving my little loft as much as I used to.

Did I really think I'd always be happy to have rough plywood be the last thing I see before going to sleep and the first thing I see after waking up??? Also, using a monobloc stepstool as a makeshift bedside table made me feel like a homeless squatter. It was all just too ugly.

You'd think the next step would be obvious to a yarn crafter, but it wasn't until I saw a magazine cover which set a model against a background the same colour as my wall that the wheels started turning. For I already had a lot of yarn in the same colour as her dress. And then it was only a matter of finding yarn in the third colour on the cover to get the same cool effect the cover designer achieved . . .

My First Rug

You can't tell from the lighting (yellow faerie lights leftover from Christmas!), but the walls are pale blue. A blue that goes brilliantly with the navy blue, medium violet, and white (I threw in a third colour on a whim) I used for the rug. The pattern is super simple: alternating single crochet and double crochet. (Note to fellow crafters: chain an odd number of stitches; after the first row, make every sc in a dc in the row below and every dc in an sc in the row below.) The little bookcase was a very lucky find--especially welcome because it helps to hide the rough edge that reveals the rug is a rookie project. LOL!

And I was happy for a while. =) . . . But then I started thinking that the rug deserved to be complemented by a nice bedspread. For this, I put away the crochet hook and returned to my knitting needles . . .

My First Blanket

The blanket is a deep purple for two reasons: first, because I wanted something that went well with the light violet of the rug while still having its own character; and second, because I started it on Septuagesima Sunday. (It occurs to me now that my sleeping area may require a makeover come Easter. =P) Again, the blanket is a very, very basic pattern--alternating stockinette and reverse stockinette squares based on The Stylish Square lap blanket design. My changes were using garter stitch instead of seed stitch for the edge and wrapping the garter around with mitred corners.

I confess that it's much shorter than it should be. It covers me nicely when I sleep; but it just barely spreads over the mattress from head to foot--and it definitely doesn't make room for a pillow or two. By the time it was longer than I was tall--which was really all I demand of a blanket--I was just so dang tired of knitting it that I decided to quit. And for the first time in my life, I gave thanks that I am so short. (No wisecracks, please.) Was it too soon to stop, though? Probably. But I am blogging this right now on my bed, under the same blanket, and I regret nothing.

So have you been doing any projects that have kept you from blogging or commenting as often as you normally do? =)


MrsDarwin said...

I finally finished a throw I'd been crocheting since the beginning of winter: a basketweave afghan in my favorite shade of teal, with two strands of yarn because my living room is cold. Now, of course, it's starting to warm up outside, but we'll still have a bit of time left to snuggle under this (literally) heavy blanket before spring.

Enbrethiliel said...


Congratulations on finishing your own project! And guess what . . . I have a similar issue with mine!

I knit my blanket at work, where the air conditioner is so powerful that, after the project was a certain length, I taught myself to reverse knit so that I didn't have to lose heat by lifting it off my lap for the few precious seconds needed to turn it at the end of a row.

At home, where things are more natural and tropical, I'm already starting to feel the advent of summer. LOL! Oh, well. If I can't lie under it, I'll lie on top of it and still call it a win!

Jenny said...

I love the rug and then I saw the blanket! Love! I have no crocheting/knitting skills. I've been busy house remodeling so I haven't been blogging as much. I need to share my pictures of my remodel on the blog but I do it on Instagram and think maybe that's enough.

Paul Stilwell said...

You could be a fashion designer.

I really like the blanket!

Enbrethiliel said...


Jenny -- Thanks! I've also shared pictures of my projects on Twitter and Facebook, but not everyone who reads my blog also follows those feeds of mine. So when I'm really happy about something, I make sure to have a post on it, too. Since I don't follow you on Instagram, I'd love to see more of your remodeling work on your blog. =)

Stilwell -- It took me ages to find a pattern I really liked. I wanted something that was both classy (for obvious reasons) and easy to do (because I needed to do it while multitasking). The Stylish Square design fit both counts--and in fact, was so easy it was almost boring! =P I'm pleased that I persevered and didn't try to jazz it up with an interesting twist. There is, perhaps, an analogy in that which lets it rightly be called my "Septuagesima blanket."

Itinérante said...

It's wonderful!!! You have a great taste!! And I missed you!!!

Enbrethiliel said...


Thanks, Itinerante! It's nice to see you, too.