28 January 2016


Grisu: Watchdog, Parts 2 and 3

Our darling little dragon may not have been very successful the first time he set out to be a dog, but he gets two more chances in the next episodes of Grisu Il Draghetto. (These were also episodes of Grisu der kleine Drache, but they weren't shown in the same order.)

-Vorrei tanto riparare al malfatto del ultima volta!-
(I would very much like to make up for the mistake of last time!)

"Ich moechte zu gerne, dass unglueck von neulich mit dem verbrannten Panzer wiedergutmachen!"
(I would very much like to make up for yesterday's unlucky moment with the burning tank!)

Depending on the type of reader you are, you are either wondering what the missing word is or wondering if you missed the Grisu post on the verbrannte Panzer. Well, I can't help you with the former until my Austrian friend helps me (AKTUALISIERT: Danke, Freund!), but I can assure you that you didn't miss any of our little dragon's adventures. By the end of this post, you'll know all about the tank and a bit more about the order in which the German episodes were aired.

-Per essere un buon cane, e necessario imparare la nobili arte de portare il giornale al padrone.-
(To be a good dog, it is necessary to learn the noble art of bringing a newspaper to one's owner.)

"Wenn du guter Haushund werden willst, musst du lernen deinem Herren die Zeitung zu bringen."
(If you want to become a good house dog, you must learn how to bring your owner the newspaper.)

Don't you love the difference between the Italian and the German there? =) I also recall hearing "la nobile professione" in another Italian episode. The idea that Grisu is seeking and being trained for noble work is a cultural note to file away for later.

Anyway, I suspect that the original vision for Grisu was the modest idea of a dragon learning to fit in as a dog. But there are only so many things a well-trained dog does that an eager little dragon can be challenged by . . .

. . . and it seems inevitable that the sit(uations) of this com(edy) would have branched out sooner or later.

Indeed, they are already starting to do so when Grisu has that run-in "mit dem Panzer" (or con il carro armato. This episode with the tank may be third in the original Italian line-up, but it was the very first one screened on German TV--most likely because Fume hums some Wagner after charring up some Bavarian tourists in Lederhosen, and the syndicators wanted to open on a national note. Hey, why not?

As before, the comedy is set up when Stufy/Staffy tries to train Grisu in the finer art of being a dog . . .

-Rincorrere abbaiando!-
(To chase while barking.)

"Ein Hund muss bellen und hinterherlaufen."
(A dog has to bark and chase.)

I confess that both my Italian and my German blinked on and off during Stufy/Staffy's latest lesson on being an "amico del'uomo" or "Freund des Menschen." (If this were a Grisu blog, I'd have a whole paragraph on the special significance of that phrase!) While I understood what was being said, I couldn't have repeated the short speech word-for-word. Heck, there were some words I couldn't figure out even after looping their sentences several times and listening with all my might. So I just went with Grisu's summary above. Basically, Stufy/Staffy was telling him that when a human is on a bicycle, on a motorcycle, or in a car, it is a dog's job to help him improve his circulation and his reflexes by chasing him and barking. (Don't you just love the Italian and German translations of "chase"???)

And that was how Grisu ended up chasing and barking at some humans in the sort of vehicle that normally gets left alone . . . 

Ah, what do you suppose happens next? ;-)


Jenny said...

I'm impressed you can even understand some German and Italian. I'm a one language girl. :( This little dragon is Sooooooo cute!

Enbrethiliel said...


Grisu is ADORABLE!

While it's good for me that his cartoon was never dubbed into English (because I can't "cheat"!), I do feel sorry for Anglophones who never really got to know him.

Long time no see, Jenny! =)