18 January 2016


Early Edition: Walking Catastrophe

It would have been nice to get my series on Early Edition, Season 1 done before diving into Grisu . . . but let's not dwell on why things didn't work out last year. There's a new year upon us, exactly one more episode left, and several weeks before the one-year anniversary of the post in which I announced my word for 2015, so I can still CLEAR this with dignity!

When you've got the "What," "Where," "When," "Why," and "How":
Does the "Who" still matter?

Gary is one of the most conscientious characters ever written . . . but do you suppose he would have let an entire city block burn if The Paper had revealed just who was behind the fire? LOL!

Double LOL!

Until this episode, I confess that I didn't see Gary as a person with parents. (Contrast him now to Grisu, who is il figlio del suo patre whether he likes it or not!) I mean, for sure he came from somewhere, but I never thought about what kind of childhood he had and how his upbringing influences how he carries out his vocation as The Reader. Indeed, I think that on some level, I saw the previous Reader, Lucius Snow, as his father! Which means I've been thinking of Gary as an orphan. But there is a Mr. Hobson, who is alive and well, and who isn't someone you can imagine The Paper ever choosing to go to.

Unlike Chuck and other supporting characters, who have tried to use The Paper for personal gain, Mr. Hobson is as unselfish about tomorrow's news as his son. He's just a little clumsier at the job. As Gary knew he would be before they even got started--LOL! Have you ever thought about how your parents would do if they had to step into your shoes for a day?

I'm not too fond of this episode, but I must give it credit for being a Cat-driven story that I can get behind! Finally, our feline friend makes some sense! Mr. Hobson may be a mess at reading The Paper, but he's a natural at reading The Cat.

How could I have forgotten the honoured tradition of animal sidekicks in "hero lit?" Maybe it's just that The Cat never struck me that way . . . and perhaps because it never struck Gary that way, either. While our usual hero has managed to pick up the occasional hint from kitty, we all know that if The Cat had come to him on its own, he would have never discerned a higher vocation than Pet Owner.

It makes you wonder whether we all receive "obvious" signs each morning that we just don't know how to read.

Your Turn to Be the Hero: How would you deal with a mandatory Take Your Parent to Work day?


Brandon said...

The father-daughter storyline was a little absurd, but I liked the fact that we get little snippets of Gary from a different perspective -- particularly when his dad asks him what he does with himself all day, Gary says "Not much", and his dad says, "Doesn't sound like you, Gare." I thought they did pretty well writing a plausible father, too -- you can well imagine that Gary gets his willingness to put himself out there from his father. He just seems to get his seriousness from his mother!

You're right that this is a good episode for The Cat, too.

Enbrethiliel said...


I found it a little difficult to suspend disbelief for the casting. I had to keep murmuring to myself, "Gary takes after his mother . . . Gary takes after his mother . . ." LOL! But you're right that the script is good. I wouldn't mind seeing Gary with both his parents in a future episode--even if I never blog about it!

Brandon said...

I don't think I've ever seen them, but glancing through the episode descriptions, it looks like season 3 has a mother-only episode ("Nest Egg") and an episode with both parents ("Home Groan").