09 December 2015


Wishing Once More

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If you remember the big photo from my 2015 TBR Challenge, you'll understand why I haven't been wishing for books lately. The last thing I need is more stuff TO CLEAR!

But if you remember the last time I linked up to Wishlist Wednesday, nearly a year and a half ago, then you also know the original reason: I only wish for books that I've tried and failed to get on my own, and even then, I don't get them!

Yet you don't have to remember all the way back to when this meme was called "On My Wishlist" and hosted on another blog, which was when I wished for the first two books in Leigh Greenwood's Seven Brides series. That was five years ago . . . but I reminded you of it just last week when I finally got both books in one go.

Now that it seems my luck has changed, it is time to wish again--and this time, I am going to town!

Yes, that is the Little Office of the Virgin Mary in eight languages, one of which I speak fluently, two I've studied to some proficiency, and two more that I'm working on right now. It doesn't have my last dream language, but hey, no book is perfect.

Of course, right after I typed that, it occurred to me that a book that is meant to be used is a more perfect gift than a book that is merely meant to be read. That is, prayer books, cookbooks, style guides, even motivational chapbooks--anything that requires some sort of reader interaction--are superior to novels. You pick up the former over and over again in a way you can't reread a novel. Which is not to slag off novels, which have their place and which I love, but to give some appreciation to non-fiction. Let's argue about this, if you like! ;-)

Is there a non-fiction book that you would like to get this Christmas?

Image Source: Officium Parvum Beatae Mariae Virginis

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