04 December 2015


Owl Grub Post

Do you remember the Owl Post meme at Eleusinian Mysteries? Heck, do you remember Eleusinian Mysteries? =P Although I get books by post now and then, it has been so long since I've wanted to share my mail with others that the blog which runs my "haul" meme of choice has retired!

Owls may no longer be bringing me books, but grubs definitely are. And the first set that my personal grub dropped off for my library are books that I've wanted for a long, long while.

I don't expect anyone else to remember, but about five years ago, I had trouble finding Leigh Greenwood's novels Rose and Fern, which are the first two books in his Seven Brides series. I had so despaired of ever getting them that, about a year or so ago, I actually read bootleg copies that were floating around on the Internet. (If you are currently where I was then and are looking for those, I'm afraid I can't help you: they've since been taken down.) So it totally floored me last week to find both of them at last, at the same time.

Rose doesn't have one of the original cheesy covers, which I had mixed feelings about. On the one hand, it was awful art with hardly any retro appeal. (And having read the book, I know the picture it doesn't even reflect the story.) On the other hand, it meant that my now-complete set wouldn't have matching covers. (Then again, the bootleg copies didn't even have covers, did they?) 

I'm not sure when it dawned on me that Rose was the rose I had been expecting from St. Therese of the Child Jesus. It certainly fits as the rose, having also been sought for over many years, to the point of despair, yet with the surety that it was out there and just not coming my way. And it would be typical of my relationship with the Little Flower that she would send me a token in a form that fits both her preferences and my own. Which also explains the changed cover art! On the other hand, that St. Therese would choose a Romance novel from the 90s (however tame) to be a wink in my direction isn't something that I'd tell a lot of people. Besides, they might point out that I didn't "receive" this rose, but had to buy it.

This is one of those things that we will never be sure of until we die. (Who is to say that all those other literal roses received during or after novenas to St. Therese weren't also total coincidences?) But I think that people who have received actual graces know it even if they can never prove it.

PS -- There's a Baby-sitters Club book there because my grub wants me to finish my BSC Reading Project, too.