16 July 2015


Theme Thursday 16

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Today's theme is from 7 April 2011. And by lovely synchronicity, the excerpt I'm featuring to match it has one of those troublemaking expats.

This Week's Theme:

"Beautiful! Romantic! Adorable! Are those the only words you learned in Europe?" cried Dona Lupeng, feeling very annoyed with this young man, whose eyes adored her one minute and mocked her the next.

"Ah, I also learned to open my eyes over there--to see the holiness and mystery of what is vulgar."

"And what is so holy and mysterious about--about the Tadtarin, for instance?"

"I do not know. I can only
feel it. And it frightens me. Those rituals come to us from the earliest dawn of the world . . ."

The power of things that can override all rationality is a frequent theme in the fiction of Nick Joaquin. And they are usually very old things, which were lost, forgotten, or forcibly wiped out after the arrival of Spanish missionaries. Referring to their beauty is as good a metaphor as any for the mysterious effect they can have on us. I'd call it horror, which is just as seductive--but that's just how I think. And you know, how I feel.

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Image Source: "The Summer Solstice" and Other Stories by Nick Joaquin

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