31 July 2015


Knitting Diary: La "Penso Solo a Te" Berretta

Not every book I read gets reviewed and not every knitting project I make gets blogged about. Which is why, unless we know each other on Twitter, I never got around to telling you what happened to the Popemobag.

But today's project is totally blog fodder, being a nice intersection of several of my interests (which always typically include at least one interest of a friend's), and therefore the best time capsule for this time of my life. This time, that friend was the multi-talented guitarist Christopher.

+ =
Painting by Christopher
Beanie by Me
Piero by God

Please note that I wouldn't actually pair my new berretta with my purple tunic dress. But my new occhiali rossi seem to go with nearly everything. "Dimmi perche quando vedo, vedo solo a te?"

Also, I usually wear the hat with the grub behind. That way, it looks totally normal and boring . . . until you realise I have eyes--and mandibles--on the back of my head! Bwahahahahahahahaha!

Image Source: Piero Barone


cyurkanin said...

lol Pure grubbish...

MrsDarwin said...

If only Christopher would paint you wearing a hat knitted from a painting of Christopher's!

Enbrethiliel said...


If he does, I'll have to think of something truly amazing to match it!

Itinérante said...

In the preview of the post the painting looked like a one of pizza with the eyes of the raccoon being the olives! I guess I am hungry ^^

Enbrethiliel said...


It's actually a grub, not a raccoon! =) But other people have thought Christopher's painting was of an owl and the creature on my hat was a snowman, so I guess grubs aren't the most easily identifiable characters in the world!

And yes, there is something very pizza-like about Philomena's background. (That's the sweet little grub's name.)

cyurkanin said...