28 June 2015


Book Boyfriend of the Week #6

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The very first year I did the June Giveaway, I scraped together a giveaway pool from the six books that happened to be within closest reach at the time: four that were in the family library because my sister, my brothers or I had had to read them for school . . . one that had been a gift to my grandmother . . . and one that a friend could lend to me. I wasn't equally enthusiastic about all of them, but it really didn't occur to me to find better books to offer. Since then, I've become a more exacting curator, and not a June goes by without a contender for the pool getting rejected. After you read this post, I hope it will be clear why the featured book didn't make the cut.

The Recorded History of a Girl
by Celine Lopez

"You know, if we're going to stay as friends," he said with a condescending air, "you'll need to be always honest with me."

Then it clicked . . . He was gay!

"You be honest with me," I said with more strength and bite this time. "You won't jump my bones because you're gay!"

Trevor's face relaxed into an even and blank expression.

"R, you're a great girl, but you just talk too much . . . I'm not gay. It wouldn't be a problem if I were but you need to know that I walked away just because I couldn't stand listening to your voice any more."

"R" first meets Trevor when she is in her second year of uni. At this point in her life, she is suffering from an unrequited crush on Chuck (who is the sort of guy who'd invite you to spend the summer with him and his cousins, then take another girl along) . . . getting over a break-up with Reed (who is the undisputed king of their Poor Little Rich Kids circle) . . . and trying to get to the bottom of why Trevor (whom she admires and respects the most) suddenly went cold on her. It's not such an enviable place to be, but she does get something good out of it, courtesy of our featured Book Boyfriend: an honest answer, with no hard feelings, to her burning question.

"I couldn't stand listening to your voice anymore" is hardly what a dream boyfriend would say--but what if it's something a nightmare girlfriend needs to hear? For it's true that if all you want to talk about are your shallow ex-boyfriend, your shallower party life, and all the reasons you think you're so much better than everyone else, well, people are going to grow sick of your voice.

As much as I wish I could say that R lets the opinion of a good man make an impression on the rest of her life, well, there's a reason The Recorded History of a Girl is already the undisputed "Worst Book of 2015" on Shredded Cheddar. A reason that may be a minor spoiler, so use your Secret Decoder Rings: for it is damning enough that "R" tells the story of Trevor in a needy e-mail to Chuck (whose curt response is to tell her not to give Trevor any more "ammo"), but then we also see that decades after she finally cuts line with Chuck, her conversation still does not transcend boyfriends, parties, and all those inferior people around her. Trevor, darling, you dodged a bullet and did it with class.

Image Source: The Recorded History of a Girl by Celine Lopez

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