04 May 2015


Reading Diary: Just Patty by Jean Webster

If I'm going to read books in an awkward (to me) format, then I might as well review them in an equally awkward (to me) format. For the symmetry. So now that I'm building a proper blog feature from the out-of-print novels of classic authors, I'm also making it different from my usual Reading Diary entries. All these books that I can only read electronically, I will only review orally.

As much as I wish I could say that I filmed a proper vlog . . .

My first few attempts did involve getting in front of a camera, but they were so awful (Heck, I was so awful) that I knew I'd never get the project done if I insisted on meeting the standards of the BookTube videos I was trying to emulate.

This is my first ever audio review, so it's kind of rough. For instance, you won't have to strain your ears to hear the ghostly sounds that the pipes in my bedroom make every night. LOL! I left those in because I didn't think I could edit them out without Hollywood-level equipment. And there are a few obvious blips in the editing, where I took out some of the worst giggling that I have ever done. (Note to self: the next time a giggle slips out, don't continue talking immediately, but go silent for a second or two.)

But in general, I'm happy with it and proud of myself for finishing something I've never done before. In a few years, maybe I'll become more comfortable in front of a camera, or just more personable over audio, and be able to smile at the difference between this rough attempt and my newer stuff. And then I'll be glad that I took this first small step. =)

As soon as I figure out how to host the audio on Archive.org, I'll make it "grabbable" there, too. UPDATE: You can now download it!

Image Source: Just Patty by Jean Webster


Brandon said...

I like it! I think the kind of reviews you often do 'fit' audio very well, and you have good voice for it. With practice I imagine they'll get very good.

For some reason I was expecting you to sound more Kiwi-ish; I think you mentioned at one point that you spent quite a while in New Zealand, and so I think that just subliminally made me expect you to sound like people I've known from New Zealand.

Enbrethiliel said...


Thanks for listening! =D

I lived in New Zealand for only two years, and I was already entering my twenties, so the experience didn't really affect my accent. Except, curiously enough, for the way I said the vowel sound in "call" and "God." After I got back, people "corrected" me until my pronunciation reverted to what it had originally been.