16 October 2014


"Two or Three" Book Club, Meeting 106

After a very close vote that had to be extended so that someone would wander in and break the tie, we finally have a winner . . .

Dracula by Bram Stoker -- 4 votes
Frankenstein by Mary Shelley -- 5 votes

I hope the Dracula fans aren't too disappointed. It'll still be fun. I promise! =)

This weekend, I'll start reading the Preface and Letters and stop at Chapter 4; so I hope to have the first readalong post up on Monday.

Image Source: Frankenstein by Mary Shelley


Brandon said...

I'll dig up my copy!

For those who are interested, the Shelley-Godwin archive has Mary Shelley's Frankenstein notebooks and drafts online:


(The page seems to work best in Internet Explorer.)

Enbrethiliel said...


Thanks, Brandon! =)

mrsdarwin said...

Oh, look, my library is reading Frankenstein for a book club too, so there are are no copies available. Time to suck it up and buy it. However, I did pick up Dracula, just to pass the time, and a collection of Mary Shelley's short stories and other fiction. I didn't know she was so prolific an author.

Enbrethiliel said...


Until I started this reading project, I also hadn't known that Mary Shelley had written other books . . . though I had wondered, back in my uni days, why she hadn't seemed to have written anything else. You'd think I could have looked her up in my huge uni library, aye? =P I'll probably read a few short stories after Frankenstein, to see why they didn't prove as enduring.