09 October 2014


"Two or Three" Book Club, Meeting 105

After the difficulty that I and at least one other reader had getting a copy of our previous readalong novel, I realised it was time for the "Two or Three" Book Club to return to its roots . . . again.

As I reminded everyone the last time we got all rooty, this was originally supposed to be a club for reading the classics because those books are the easiest to get copies of, which means that more people can join in. (Despite what those people who claim to know me in real life say, I am nothing if not inclusive.) Besides, it's about time we did a Horror classic, aye? =D

Dracula by Bram Stoker
Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

The poster is a joke, but the choices are serious. (I also seriously like the way the poster shows how deeply both of the choices have penetrated pop culture--albeit via Universal Pictures. =P) So which classic Horror novel would you like to spend October and November discussing: Dracula, which no one remembers started out as a Detective Story because everyone now knows whodunit . . . or Frankenstein, which a few people probably remember is actually the name of the creator and not his creation?

And while you're being chatty, what do you think of bringing Word & Question back, too?

PS -- Happy Birthday, Cue-card Boy!

Image Source: Dracula vs. Frankenstein poster


love the girls said...

I need to reread them, so which is first?

Angie Tusa said...

I will be happy with either choice, but I'm going to pick Frankenstein simply because I feel like it will bring about more discussion.

Brandon said...

Both are great, but it has been longer since I've read Frankenstein, so I think Frankenstein gets my vote.

mrsdarwin said...

Oh, this is a hard one... I kinda want to read Dracula again, but I think I'll have to vote Frankenstein for the same reason as Brandon.

Brandon said...

There certainly is a lot to be said in favor of Dracula; I was looking over my Fortnightly Book summary of Dracula from last year and reading it last year I was very freshly impressed with the sheer number of layers to it.

Itinérante said...

I really really love both but I read Frankenstein not too long ago and I was going to go Dracula next so he'll have my vote =)

love the girls said...

The Modern Prometheus segues nicely from Oryx and Crake.

While reading the latter I was wondering how much the former was an influence on Atwood's book.

Enbrethiliel said...


LTG -- The connection between Oryx and Crake and Frankenstein also occurred to me! I'm also soliciting votes on Twitter, where Dracula is the favourite, so I won't declare a winner until 16 October.

Angie -- Excellent reason! Thanks for voting. =)

Brandon -- Noted!

Mrs. Darwin -- If Dracula draws you back, you can always change your mind. ;-)

Itinerante -- Won't it be perfect for you if Dracula wins?! =D But if Frankenstein is the pick, at least you'll be able to join the discussions, too. =)

Sheila said...

At first I was think, "Oh no, not horror, I *hate* horror!"

But your two picks are actually two of the maybe five horror novels I've ever read. So, score!

I vote Frankenstein because I like the themes in it better. Though a part of me is tempted to say Dracula just because I want to re-read it, as research for my planned vampire-hunting-soccer-mom novel. (I don't count it as a horror novel though, it would be classified Action, I think.)

Whichever wins, I actually get to follow along!

love the girls said...

On the other hand, a book that could inspire the following passage is difficult not to vote for because it so wonderfully explains the Faith.

“[I]t seemed to me now that a Catholic church was the right companion for all these horrors. Didn't Catholicism deal with blood and resurrected flesh on a daily basis? Wasn't it expert in superstition? I somehow doubted that the hospitable plain Protestant chapels that dotted the university could be much help; they didn't look qualified to wrestle with the undead. I felt sure those big square Puritan churches on the town green would be helpless in the face of a European vampire. A little witch burning was more in their line--something limited to the neighbors."

Enbrethiliel said...


As I said, I also accept votes on Twitter, and both @NoelCT and @mikebonnel chose Dracula!

Sheila -- Yay! I always try to find a balance between what I want and what the people who enjoy my blog want, and I'm glad that these two picks seem to have done just that. =)

LTG -- Wow. That is wonderful. If this were an author face-off, Bram Stoker would beat Mary Shelley hands down!

love the girls said...

I'm voting for Dracula because chasing across a continent to face a vampire so as to rescue a girl in distress, (especially one named Lucy, my oldest daughter's name) is more worthy than the reason for the chase in The Modern Prometheus.

Enbrethiliel said...


And now the books are tied!

I wonder who is going to decide the winner . . .

Bob Wallace said...

Frankenstein, except in the movie "Young Frankenstein" it's Fronkensteen.

Enbrethiliel said...


Thanks, Bob! =)