11 October 2014


My Other Focus

Since I'm only going to do Locus Focus every other Saturday for this month and the next, here's a "filler" post for now. I've taken up a new hobby!

Photography! =D

Actually, as those who follow my Twitter feed know, it's knitting. Or as I say when I tell my trainees about it, it's el tejido de punto . . . ou le tricot . . . oder das Stricken. And it's wonderful!

It all started the weekend after my grandmother's death, when my siblings and a cousin and I were going through her craft materials.

This is less than half of her stash

As you can see Lala was a great crocheter--but she never passed her passion on to any of her children or grandchildren. So while we readily divided the round coasters and little pouches among everyone, so that each person would have a matching set of handmade keepsakes, and set the square-shaped ones aside for a future afghan, we had no idea what to do with all the materials she still had left. Much of the thread was still brand new (Apparently, crafters are impulse buyers with a hoarding streak), as were the few incongruous balls of yarn--and they didn't have an obvious heir among us.

I certainly wasn't going to put them to use. I had tried crocheting several times in my life, done badly at it, and didn't even enjoy the feel of it, so that was out. Totally out. And so I'm really not sure why I grabbed one ball of yarn, pulled up a YouTube knitting tutorial for "absolute beginners," improvised a pair of needles from chopsticks, and kept at it all evening . . . or why I went out the next afternoon for some real needles. Knitting just isn't "me," you know?

Well, it is now. =P

I should do a blog series or something. 


Sheila said...

I'm bursting with pride in you for this!

Enbrethiliel said...


Thanks, Sheila! =D I'm kind of bursting with pride in myself, too, if it's okay to say that. LOL!