19 July 2014


Locus Focus: Take One Hundred and Six!

Whenever I do a themed series for Locus Focus, I try to find four settings for each theme--and for the most part, I succeed. This June and July, I played tour guide in an ancient barrio, a sordid slum, and a modern suburb . . . but I'm afraid that it for the Filipino settings.

I did think about featuring something from a Filipino movie (as I did last year, in Take Ninety-Seven). But then it dawned on me that there is another "video" setting that I've been appreciating for weeks. It may not fit one theme I've been working, but it totally fits another.

The Monkees' Beach House
The Monkees
"The plaster's falling down . . . The plumbing don't work . . . We're two days late on the rent, and [the landlord] calls up grousing."

Now that I'm no longer accepting votes for Round 4 of the Children's Programme "Fake" Band Smackdown, and there's no longer any danger of unfairly influencing the winner, I can admit that I've been crazy about The Monkees for weeks . . . and crazily coveting their 60s-era Malibu beach house. No, I don't care a whit that it's shabby and falling apart, or that the landlord is a nightmare. The point is that it has heart and soul, as any good home should.

Our architect friend LTG might say that it is "designed to human scale" and that it permits spontaneous socialisation. Check out that living room, for starters . . .


Okay, that's not really the living room. =P That is, it doesn't even bear a passing resemblance to the studio where they filmed all the other house scenes after the Pilot. Of course, neither the above nor the actual set look as if they could be the inside of (what I like to call) the Monkee Manor. I mean, just look at what they have to work with when they need to decorate for a party . . .

As you can see, it's exactly the sort of run-down place you'd imagine four young men who live from gig to gig, with a few supplementary odd jobs in between, would find themselves living in. Not just because it's the best they can afford, but also because it's a place that can match their quirky characters with one of its own. I love the front door with its speakeasy instead of a peephole, and also the back door with the incongruous stained glass. I'm not too crazy about the spiral staircase, but I think it could grow on me. My favourite part of the house is the big area in front of the bay windows, which makes such a perfect place for rehearsals--and doubles beautifully as a stage during parties--that it's almost as if the house had been built for a band. Though not a band that could pay for a studio or even a garage, but a band that understands that the silver lining to not having enough furniture is getting more space for the instruments.

We could almost say that the house is the fifth Monkee! And the Monkee Mobile gets to be the sixth . . . but I don't really blog about cars. =P

Fans of Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem may be interested in revisiting an earlier Locus Focus which looked at The Muppet Show: Take Ninety-Four! And everyone else who knows what The Monkees and The Electric Mayhem have to do with each other should come back tomorrow, when the winner of this year's June/July Giveaway will be announced. =)

Question of the Day: How would you describe your own house's character?

Images' Source: Beach House


Angie Tusa said...

My favorite part of the Monkees beach house is all the interesting items hanging on the walls. Not to mention that strange dummy who talks to them every now and then. :)

My house has certainly taken on my own character at this point, with lots of action figures, games, and posters populating the place. It's always fun when someone comes over for the first time and gets to inspect them all.

Enbrethiliel said...


I also like looking at the walls during the house scenes. =) And the stuffed chimpanzee is hilarious!

Your house sounds fun, too. With the exception of books, I'm not much of a collector, so when people come over, they go straight to the bookcases. There are a few fellow bookworms who really do inspect the titles, but everyone else just asks, "Have you really read all of these?" =P

Angie Tusa said...

Nonreaders do confuse me so much. :P Personally I love inspecting a person's bookshelves, as I think it can tell you a lot about their personality. It almost feels like you're taking a peek inside their head.

Enbrethiliel said...


Exactly! =D I especially love it when I see that we have some ideas and interests in common.

You know who are really weird, though? The people who make it a point to check out the contents of medicine cabinets. LOL! I can understand why they'd be curious (every medicine cabinet is different, after all), but it's such an odd part of the house to inspect!

Angie Tusa said...

Oh wow, talk about an invasion of privacy! Not that I really keep any "dirty secrets" in there, mind you, but it still just feels like the wrong thing to do. The bathroom may be available for guests to use but that doesn't mean they get to go digging in there. :P