26 June 2014


Children's Programme "Fake" Band Smackdown, Intermission
(Revisit Round 1, Round 2 and Round 3A)

Just when I thought I wouldn't be having one of my "intermissions" . . . I'm a little embarrassed to say that work has been getting the better of me (but compensating me adequately!) and that I'll have to put off the second half of the Final "Fake" Four until next week. But in the meantime, you can still vote for another "fake" band and get an entry for the June Giveaway.

Iron Weasel vs. Love Handel

So far, most of the "fake" bands we've looked at have been young--which should be no surprise, as they are from children's programmes! But today I present two new bands buck that trend . . . in order to reflect that other trend of middle-aged rock stars extending their coolness into another decade. =P Iron Weasel is a "vintage rock" group whose remaining members hired their biggest fan to replace their original lead guitarist. (What musical fan hasn't had a fantasy like that?) In contrast, Love Handel is a band which made it big in the 80s, fizzled out just as quickly, and reunited years later with all the awkwardness you'd expect . . . just in time for the anniversary of two people who met and fell in love during one of their early concerts.

The Rafflecopter is embedded after the jump. If you have anything to say about the bands or their shows, please leave a comment as well. And before I forget . . . yes, Mystik Spiral totally crushed Jesse and the Rippers last week!

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Itinérante said...

Love Handel =)

Paul Stilwell said...

Love Handel with no comment.

mrsdarwin said...

I don't even have to watch the first video. I've seen that Phineas and Ferb episode so many times that I can quote most of it, and Love Handel is the greatest power ballad band ever.

And since I know that all the kids who are capable of speaking would vote the same way, that's six votes for Love Handel. I bring the voting bloc.

mrsdarwin said...

...AND, unlike some of the other contenders, Love Handel's song is actually excellent, especially the line about the ninja of love. Even Doofenschmirtz knows who they are.

Angie Tusa said...

Looks like this one isn't really going to be a contest, but I'll put in another vote for Love Handel anyway. :)

Enbrethiliel said...


Thanks for your votes, everyone! =)

Mrs. Darwin -- When I was putting the Archies Sixteen together, I was torn between using the TV intros and the bands' better songs. (Taking The Archies as a case in point, their intro is nothing next to their hit single Sugar, Sugar!) And I've been haunted--haunted, I tell you (*dramatic sigh*)--that my editorial decision to go with the intros meant that some bands which should have made it further, didn't.

cyurkanin said...

I dislike pretty much everything Scandinavian since Christina left Sweden (with the possible exception of Simo Häyhä) so Phins and Ferbs it is.

Brandon said...

It's hard to beat that power ballad, so I'll go with Love Handel as well.