20 May 2014


All Teased Up and Nowhere to Go

Well, who says Teaser Tuesday has to stop for the rest of us just because the host can't make the party? =P

Perhaps someone wrote a Locus Focus post for last Saturday, when I missed my own meme. LOL! But I can promise it will be back this weekend, with a setting from today's featured book, which makes this post a proper teaser at long last!

The Traveling Pants are not only the most beautiful pair of jeans that ever existed, they are kind, comforting, and wise. And also they make you look really good.

There are no actual legs in those pants to fit my "challenge" criteria, but that doesn't matter when I really did want to write a teaser this time. I loved the above two lines the moment I read them. Not only did they represent the novel well, but they also made the pants themselves sound like philosophy. And perhaps that's what they are. (Metaphorically speaking, of course.) Surely the right ways of thinking about good ideas are beautiful, kind, comforting, and wise. And if they can be all that, why can't they make you look really good, too? =P

The night I finished The Second Summer of the Sisterhood was also the night I learned about the seven marks of friendship, as outlined by St. Thomas Aquinas: sharing a life, exchanging gifts, agreeing in the good, revealing secrets, forgiving offenses, serving from love, and discovering joy. These points explain why the friends in Ann Brashares's Traveling Pants series deserve to call each other sisters . . . and shed some light on why I have no regrets about "breaking up" with someone I had been close to for half my life. It turns out that the mark of friendship that I can't live without is agreeing in the good.

Thanks to Brandon, who linked to the Dead Philosophers Society post on the first mark.

Image Source: The Second Summer of the Sisterhood by Ann Brashares


fredamans said...

I love the movie. :-)

Enbrethiliel said...


I haven't seen the movie yet. I'm not too keen on catching it because I heard it changes something that I didn't think wanted changing.

Thanks for visiting again, Freda! =)