03 November 2013


First Weekend Eggs

A couple of weeks ago, Geeklady tweeted about a dish called "Eggs in Purgatory". Intrigued, I found a simple online recipe, pulled together the necessary ingredients (or the approximates that happened to be at hand), and started whipping myself up a midnight snack.

Pictured: The Objective

Only when the onions, garlic and tomatoes were sizzling in the pan did I peep into the pantry and notice that the tomato sauce I had thought we still had an entire pouch of was all gone. What to do?

I glanced at where four eggs were looking up at me, the desire for the purifying fires of purgatory rich in their eyeless gaze. And I knew I couldn't let them down. So I went to the refrigerator and brought out my last cup of . . . coconut milk.

Pictured: The Result

I call it "Eggs in Purgatory on the First Saturday after Their Deaths Because They Wore Scapulars on Earth".

By the way, my mother accidentally deleted my original photo of the four eggs basking in a soup of God's loving mercy, so what you see above is a version with two eggs that I made for my All Souls' Day breakfast. I was going to do another four--in order to pass some piety around the table--but there weren't enough eggs. Which made sense, you know: All Souls' Day was also a First Saturday this year, so two of the eggs would have been pulled up into Heaven before I managed this "snapshot" of the others. And it was just as well, since no one else in the family ever eats what I make . . . although I continue to hope.

If you want to try this, add extra chili pepper flakes or some cayenne pepper to it, to keep it spicy, and use some curry powder as well, because it goes so well with coconut milk. The second time I made it, I threw in a bay leaf to be the scapular, but that's totally optional. I also dropped in small bits of gouda cheese, to represent my love of cheese.

Image Source: Eggs in Purgatory


Spacetraveller said...

Sounds delish!

The coconut milk idea is an ingenious one - I think I would prefer that to tomato sauce :-)

Enbrethiliel said...


Hello again, Spacetraveller!

Let me know if you try a version of this and add your own tweaks. =)

Spacetraveller said...

Will do!


Sheila said...

Ah, gouda .... the only thing I know of that makes me turn up my nose at chocolate. Mmmm.

I am behind on listening to all the horror because of a combination of an insanely messy house and Mr. Crabber No-Napper. So I won't let myself read the posts either, because Spoilers. But I'll get there eventually.

Enbrethiliel said...


My French trainees are turning me into quite the cheese snob. ;-) I also enjoy tomato-and-aged-cheddar sandwiches these days.

geeklady said...

I can't believe I missed this when you posted it! But you could call it Eggs in Heaven, since the coconut milk is white. :-)

I'm not sure I'd like this variant - I'm not a huge coconut fan. But did perfect my Ouva in Purgatorio recipe and I'll send you a link when it goes up on the cooking blog!

Enbrethiliel said...


I'll look forward to that! Thanks! =D

GeekLady said...