02 October 2013


"Two or Three" Book Club, Meeting 67

And the winner is . . .

Radio = 9 votes
Television = 1 vote

Are you surprised? I am! I had really thought that TV was going to win, but I guess I'm just the last person alive to rediscover these classic radio dramas.

And now can I admit that I had also really wanted radio to win? Thanks, voters! ;-)

Let's start with something everyone in the know seems to consider a classic: The Thing on the Fourble Board from Quiet, Please. You can download it from QuietPlease.org or play it on the Internet Archive, Relic Radio, and of course YouTube. I'll get my post up on Friday or Saturday and we can discuss it then.

Happy October! =)

Image Source: 1940s radio


DMS said...

I recently discovered old radio shows. They keep me so entertained when I am driving in the car. It is interesting to let the story unfold in my mind without watching it. I often find myself picturing the story in black and white- which is odd, but probably because I picture old shows when I listen. :)

Fascinating vote!

Angie Tusa said...

Actually, I voted for them because I want a chance to be exposed to them myself! :)

Enbrethiliel said...


Jess -- Interesting! The first time I listened to an old radio show, I pictured it in colour, but because it was from the 1960s, everyone was in 60s styles rather than in modern clothes. It was a pretty universal story that wasn't decade-specific, though, so it's curious that I let my imagination do that!

Angie -- I'm not sure that I'll be the best guide, but we'll both receive a thorough exposure before I'm through! ;-)

Brandon said...


This is a good one; I haven't heard this one in a very long time. (It also shows I wasn't kidding when I said Quiet! Please could get really weird!)

Like DMS I listen to a lot of classic radio in the car, whenever I have a drive of more than twenty minutes or so; and as if by magic, no sooner had you mentioned The Mysterious Traveler than the RadioClassics channel started putting a lot of The Mysterious Traveler into rotation.

love the girls said...

The radio show is pretty good. But the most horrifying story I've ever heard by a roughnecks was when I was working offshore drilling oil, and his was a description of his unseemly vacation.

Enbrethiliel said...


Brandon -- So my powers of psychic suggestion do work! ;-) But apparently, only over huge distances . . .

There are no local radio stations which play these old dramas, but if I can figure out how to save mp3s on my tablet and play them in the car, I'll join the club you and Jess are already members of!

LTG -- Bring your thoughts later on. I think you'll find my reaction to the story especially gratifying. ;-)

Sheila said...

This should be interesting!

It's natural we imagine vintage movies and fashions -- the actors always speak in vintage accents! Can you tell?

Enbrethiliel said...


I used to watch a lot of vintage movies, so I know what you mean, Sheila! =) There's also a vintage "look" which would set people from the 1940s apart even if they time traveled to our century, updated their hairstyles, and wore current clothes. We could say the same for ourselves, if we ever traveled back to their decade! I think we're so used to our own accents, though, that we'll never quite hear them as vintage the way young people will fifty years from now. =)