05 June 2013


Poems for Points

Spears WORD MAKING & ANAGRAMS Letter W ampersand & Sponge Letter Q
Foam brick number 2 Round Playing Card 8 Ball

Since it is the month of my Annual Giveaway, I am bringing Word & Question back so that we can all play for points as well as for poems. Writing poetry is its own reward, of course, but if you can get a free book out of it, too, then why don't you? ;-)

Here is our schedule:

8 June -- Deadline for prompts
9 June -- Check your inbox for your new prompts!
12 June -- Start linking up your poems
26 June -- Deadline for poems

I really should throw a poetry book into the giveaway pool, aye? I'll have to see if I can find a collection by a local poet that I really love and feel competent to review . . .

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