09 June 2013


I Still Don't Know What to Call This Smackdown!!!
(Revisit Round 1)

Thanks a lot to everyone who commented in last week's smackdown post--especially if your comment was also a valid ballot! =) Today, we whittle The Apocalypse Now Sixteen to half their number and keep going. But first, the results . . .

Apocalypse Now vs. Platoon --> Winner: Apocalypse Now

Back to Bataan vs. The Real Glory --> Winner: The Real Glory

Back Door to Hell vs. The Walls of Hell --> Winner: Back Door to Hell

American Ninja vs. Enter the Ninja --> Winner: Enter the Ninja

American Kickboxer 2 vs. Bloodfist --> Winner: Bloodfist

Blood Thirst vs. The Last Cannibal World --> Winner: Blood Thirst

Brokedown Palace vs. The Year of Living Dangerously --> Winner: The Year of Living Dangerously

The Bourne Legacy vs. I Come with the Rain --> Winner: The Bourne Legacy

If you've voted in a Shredded Cheddar smackdown before, then you know that Round 2 is done a little differently. I take editorial control back--because I can--and determine the Final Four by myself . . . but I provide another pair for a mini face-off (and an extra entry in the Giveaway) at the bottom of this post!

Round 2
The Enter the Ninja Eight

Apocalypse Now vs. Back Door to Hell

Here we have an undisputed masterpiece of modern cinema and an underestimated B-movie whose lead would go on to be one of the biggest stars of all time. As much as I love going for the underdog, this one is no contest, is it? 

Winner: Apocalypse Now--because it would be blogging suicide to call this any other way.

Bloodfist vs. Blood Thirst

Believe it or not, these two movies have much more in common than the just first word or syllable of their titles. Both have heroes who must travel thousands of miles from the USA to the Philippines, in order to meet a Filipino character played by Vic Diaz and to get shirtless while solving some mysterious deaths. What are the odds, right? The main difference between them is that the former is a sex crimes specialist looking into the deaths of victims he does not know and the other is a retired fighter who suspects his brother has been murdered.

Winner: Bloodfist--because brother avenging brother may be a B-movie cliche, but it still warms the heart.

The Bourne Legacy vs. Enter the Ninja

If screenwriters are to be believed, people only come to the Philippines for really weird reasons. Like finding the top secret chemicals and biological samples needed to keep a genetically modified super-soldier alive or defending some old friends who are being bullied off their new plantation by a land grabber with a personal army of white-suited bodyguards. I don't know how they make this stuff up . . .

Winner: Enter the Ninja--because when in doubt, choose the ninjas.

The Real Glory vs. The Year of Living Dangerously

If you were a stranger in a foreign land where conflicts among local factions are turning bloody, what should you do? Remain an observer to a drama that has nothing to do with you or become another player in a game where the ultimate consequences will not be yours?

Winner: The Year of Living Dangerously--because it had the decency to ask the question instead of pretending there was only one answer.

And now you know which four films I will be watching and reviewing in detail this month! I hope to get the first face-off in The Bloodfist Four up next Sunday, but don't be surprised if I post another of my "Intermissions" instead. ;-)

But now for the part I have been waiting for: your input. Please let me know which of the following two movies has more of your goodwill . . .

Impasse vs. Sweet Revenge

How did these two not make the original Apocalypse Now Sixteen? I can't remember the reason behind that editorial decision, but even if I did, I'd still be kicking myself for it. Forget the seriousness of war, the implausibility of ninjas, and the gratuitousness of backlit, slow-motion kickboxing. In the great tradition of H. Rider Haggard, these two movies celebrate adventure for its own sake. But which has the winning elements: a ragtag bunch of treasure hunters (one of whom is also played by Vic Diaz!!!) looking for lost WWII gold or a plucky reporter who teams up with a roguish smuggler to bust a white slavery ring? (Did I just answer my own question? LOL!)

After you vote for your pick in the combox, come back and claim your entry in the freshly updated June 2013 Rafflecopter. =)

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Image Sources: a) Impasse poster, b) Sweet Revenge poster


cyurkanin said...

If it was only ragtag versus plucky, ragtag would have to win. However, since plucky is teamed with roguish, that changes everything: Sweet Revenge :)

Enbrethiliel said...


You've also seen both of these, haven't you? ;-)

Angie Tusa said...

The title Sweet Revenge sounds wonderfully cheesy, and the blond in the evening gown with the large rifle is just pushing it over the top, so it gets my vote. :)

mrsdarwin said...

Sweet Revenge, because I have to trust Christopher on these things.

Enbrethiliel said...


Reading people's reasons for picking the movies they do is half the fun of this. Thanks, Angie and Mrs. D! =D

Entropy said...

Impasse. It has Burt Reynolds and ever since Stroker Ace, he gets my vote.

Enbrethiliel said...


Thanks for voting! =D

I've just read some reviews of Stroker Ace and the most complimentary of the bunch argued that the movie was of the "so bad, it's good" sort. Now, we obviously embrace that here (this smackdown being Exhibit A), but I still have to ask . . . What is it about Stroker Ace that makes you a Burt Reynolds fan?

Entropy said...

"So bad it's good" is probably a very apt review.

It was one of those movies that we watched when we were kids and we thought it was funny. I'm sure it's horrible, all I remember was car chases and thinking Stroker was kinda cool.

I probably couldn't sit through it now but I remember my brother and I watching it and laughing. (at what? who knows, I'm sure we were too young for the innuendo).

Another movie that we watched a lot was The Great Outdoors. That one still cracks me up. Whenever my husband starts talking kind of formal and technical with the kids, I just say "I find it incumbent upon me..." and we both crack up.

Enbrethiliel said...


Ah, the golden halo of nostalgia! =) There are some movies I love so much that I wish I could also crown them with the same.