12 June 2013


Giving Away a Poem

Sponge Letter W ampersand & Pastry Cutter Letter Q
Golf Dice Number 2 Magnetic number 8

We may believe in singing for our supper, but not in writing poems for our reading. Although this month's Word & Question game lets entrants earn more entries in my annual Giveaway, all of the players are playing for the love of poetry rather than an extra ten points. Which is totally fine! =)

Word: Thirty
Question: What do you want for your birthday?

A poem, please--and thirty more:
One for each year past the door.
A muse to be my golden goose
And to ensure my store.

But here's the catch: how can I hatch
The lyrics into lore?

What use, dear muse, I must implore:
Why I must I beg, with every egg,
Each chicken I can only count,
Milk I can never spill?

I only wish to have my fill
And to write what words I will
From my own full fount.

If there are no more golden geese,
A poem for a present, please!
I know they do not grow on trees,
But I wish for them still.

There was actually only one other player this month. He happens to know my birthday and my age, so I can't help but think these prompts are his half-year greeting! I just hope he likes what I've come up with in response.

Dylan, whenever you're ready, link up your poem! =D


Thomas D said...

It looks like we both worked in ballad metre this month! I congratulate you on a charming poem, with deft use of internal rhymes and a greater fluency than my own little effort, which can be found here.

Enbrethiliel said...


Hi, Dylan! I'm having trouble leaving you a comment on your blog. Although I've already logged in and out of Twitter a couple of times, it keeps telling me that my log-in has expired! =( I'll try again in a few hours, but because I don't want to keep you waiting any longer, I'll paste my comment here in the meantime . . .

* * * * *

This is lovely, as usual, Dylan! The prompts came to me separately--as two possibilities for words, in fact--so I wasn't sure how they would work together. I like how you've made them fun . . . and quite romantic!

Your poem reminds me a little of the song I Remember It Well from the musical Gigi, although they are completely different. What I think they have in common is an awareness of the details in any meeting, whether it is romantic or platonic. Of course, there must be a setting, and lighting, and sounds which may or may not include music, and other things which make up a story worth remembering someday.

And the Gary Cooper bit is great! =D What inspired it?

Thomas D said...

Desperation for a rhyme with "stupor"!

Enbrethiliel said...


LOL! And here I was thinking that "Gary Cooper" came first and "stupor" came later.

Dylan, I'm sorry, but no matter what I do or which computer I'm on, Wordpress keeps telling me that my Twitter login has expired. =( I will keep trying to comment on your poem properly.