13 June 2013


Character Connection 42

Another June Giveaway tradition of mine is to do a Character Connection post for at least one of the new books going into the giveaway pool. The following was challenging to write because it's from one of the shortest, simplest stories in the lot. In fact, until I did a bit of editing, there were actually more words in the excerpt from the story than in the rest of the post!

"Behind the Old Aparador"
by Cyan Abad-Jugo

. . . [Daisy's] two younger sisters, Lily and Marie . . . touched everything they could get their hands on in the children's room, even Daisy's things--her dolls, books, art paper, crayons, and her brush and clips. Now that Tito Boy had sent her the coloured markers from Japan, all glossy and thick in their transparent plastic case, she couldn't bear the thought of anyone using them except herself.

So Daisy looked under her bed, one of her trusty hiding places. But there, last week, Lily had discovered her collection of colouring books . . . Daisy turned to the huge aparador where all the children's clothes went. The highest shelf was hers, and she had from time to time buried her stuff under her t-shirts. Unfortunately, last month Marie had stood on a chair and rifled through all shelves and drawers until she found Lily's doctor set and the stash of ChocNut . . .

What kind of person would it take to hear the voices of trees and shadows? Cyan Abad-Jugo's Leaf and Shadow, a collection of shorts, has several characters who take such unexpected interactions in stride. It was easy, however, to decide on Daisy for this post. 

Simply put: it makes sense that someone used to keeping secrets and hiding small treasures would discover her home's best secret and most magical treasure. She is not the first in the family whom the anito behind the old aparador has spoken to, but she may well be the best. For it is not just Daisy's stuff which needs protection from her thoughtlessly destructive little sisters.

What I take away from "Behind the Old Aparador"--and from all the stories in Leaf and Shadow--is the challenge to be someone whom the vulnerable creatures of the world would find trustworthy.

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Image Source: Leaf and Shadow by Cyan Abad-Jugo


DMS said...

This book sounds fascinating. I am curious about the characters and the plots in the stories included in the book. I love what you took away from the stories!

Enbrethiliel said...


As always, thanks for reading and commenting, Jess. =)