12 May 2013


Voices Which Sell Records

The Voice of Ireland has just wrapped Series 2, but I didn't get too into it this year. Something about it just felt so 2012. (Remember this 2012 post?) Yet it is a comment from the newest judge Jamelia which makes the perfect introduction to my 2013 Reality show passion, one of the highlights of May I Have Some Music? month.

During the Blind Auditions stage, when the Superstar was making a pitch to a contestant she really wanted to coach, she and Bressie had a bit of a spat which revealed what each of them was looking for in an act.

Jamelia: "You want to have people who are going sell records now, not people who--"
Bressie: "It's not just about selling records--"
Jamelia: "Of course it is!"
Bressie: "So for you, the height . . . Success is selling records: that's it? That's what you put it down to?"
Jamelia: "Yes . . . What else is it? . . . Seriously, what else is it?"

And they weren't even fighting over that guy! =P

But you know which of them would be more successful at selling me a record, right?

Bressie's incredulous rhetorical question--Success is selling records: that's it?--happens to make a great six-word memoir for modern music.

It also begs the question of Jamelia's incredulous reply, to which I now add: how else do you propose to measure it? You can't say that someone has been successful unless you have a standard, and frankly, record sales are as objective a standard as you can get. Other good measures are ticket sales, longevity, and collaborations with others in the industry, because what all these have in common is that they are proof that one has CLOSED.

By now you've probably figured which other Reality show won my heart this year. Come back on Wednesday night, when your guess shall be confirmed!

Image Sources: a) The Voice of Ireland Series 2 judges, b) Jamelia: The Collection, c) Rage and Romance

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