19 April 2013


These Dreams: Beyond Midnight

Did you know that if you type "Midnight Society Gary" into the Google Image search, one of the first ten results will be an image of Aldous Huxley? LOL! I feel a little proud of that. =)

As much as I wish I could say I've been waking up from nightmares in which I scream soundlessly in outer space, all I've been having these nights are Are You Afraid of the Dark? Fan Fiction dreams. Because, you know, Gary.

So let's just say that After Midnight, No One Can Hear You Blog either . . .

This dream was brought to you by . . .
The Tale of the Silver Sight

In the first part of the dream, Gary and Tucker were having trouble with their new pet dog, a blondish poodle-terrier cross, which kept trying to run away. Why a dog would run away from Gary, I don't know. But if either brother even let the leash go slack for a few seconds, the poodle would make a break for it. Eventually, it succeeded in getting away . . . and when they gave chase, they ended up in a house very much like that of the General in The Tale of the Silver Sight. Heck, its owner was very much like the General, too--but instead of a collection of weapons and armour from all over the world, he had a collection of vinyl albums.

Anyway, it turned out that he had "planted" the poodle with Gary and Tucker, to lure them to his home and get them to pull off nefarious schemes for him. But the brothers were not interested and left as quickly as they had come. The dog tried to follow, but after Gary patted it on the head, he closed the door in its face. (Ha, ha, double ha, you dumb dog.)

And if you remember that Sam has curly blonde hair, then you'll see that this was totally my original Gary-Sam FF idea! =P I'm counting this dream as actual work done towards the realisation of that story.

The second part of the dream was more of an Action sequence, which culminated in one of Gary's friends--a girl who didn't seem to be any Midnight Society member in dream disguise--being killed after a car ramped off a randomly situated flower cart and slammed right into her. =O

But don't worry! She didn't really die. It was all part of a Role Playing Game which Gaz and some daytime buddies were playing around someone's coffee table. Think Dungeons & Dragons meets Risk. Anyway, the friend whose character was just killed couldn't believe she had been blindsided that way, while Gary high-fived the friend who set up the elaborate assassination, saying that he had seen it coming from the beginning and had also been hoping she wouldn't notice. LOL!

There is so much FF fodder here. If only I were as good at writing as I am at dreaming . . .

Image Source: The Tale of the Silver Sight screen cap

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