22 April 2013


McFly Monday: Star Girl

In honour of McFly, we rewrite April's theme, just for one day, to read In Space, Dougie Can Hear You Blog. And we feature their single Star Girl, a song about an earth boy falling in love with an alien girl. Inspired by a dream which songwriter Tom Fletcher had one night, it is therefore akin to both Paul McCartney's Yesterday and my own Are You Afraid of the Dark? Fan Fiction. (Yes, I just had to say that.)

The space-themed McFly hit went straight to #1 in 2006 and was actually played in space by NASA soon after.

And if you're wondering who Dougie is and why he can hear us all blog from space, the original video should clear everything up . . .

For some reason, Motion in the Ocean is the McFly album I listen to least. Which now seems like a mistake, because it's the one with Star Girl, and Star Girl is totally holding up right now.

Galaxy Defenders, stay forever!

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