06 March 2013


Yes, We Still Play Poems Here

Scrabble Coaster Letter W ampersand & Bead Letter Q
number 2 Pushfit cube number 7

As if we all didn't already have enough to do, I propose that we all get together and write poems for March!

The rules remain the same, although the dates change from month to month: 

1) Send me an e-mail with "W&Q27" in the subject line, and a word and a question in the body. You must do this by 9 March.
2) On 10 March, you will receive a reply with a different word and a different question. You may begin to write a poem that uses the word and answers the question.
3) On 13 March, I will publish my poem on this blog and invite you to link yours up in the combox. You have by 27 March to do this. 
4) Remember to leave your fellow poets/players some feedback on their work before the end of the month, because that is half the fun!

If you're still not sure how this works, you can check out older games on my Poetry page. I also have a poem in this post, from some "found" prompts, that you may find amusing . . .

Word: Close
Question: Do you want to work here?

The sign on the front said that I'd be as welcome
as a snow maiden in hell.

I had to resort to picking the lock after
nobody answered the bell.

I wasn't sure whether to lock it behind me:
Would they be able to tell?

Then someone stepped close to me out of the shadows
saying that I had done well.

And he like a sphinx hung my fate from a question:
"Will you be able to sell?"

You may recognise my Word of the Year doubling as a word prompt. It started out as a verb and ended up an adverb, but that's how creativity goes, aye? =)

I hope you'll be able to join us this month! 

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