13 March 2013


A Pontifical Poem--Be It Ever So Backdated

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As usual, I have to begin with an apology a saga, to explain why I haven't been blogging much this week. A few days ago, without any warning, my manager nearly tripled my workload. I have no idea whether it was because he thought I wasn't giving enough lessons or because he thought it would be a better punishment than suspension for a huge mess I caused last week (LOL!)--and just in case I'm both paranoid and correct, I'm not going to ask! =P In any case, I get paid by the lesson, so it all works out in the payroll.

While I'm rationalising, I'd like to point out another good thing about having been so busy. Something very significant happened last Wednesday--which, given my time zone and schedule, I did not find out about until Thursday--and because I did not write my poem before it happened, I was able to write about it.

Word: Calamitous
Question: Why do you never wear those shoes?

To be shod in such shoes as these--
To walk a mille anni mile--
To have a holy father's feet--
Faith undefeated by denial:
Is Peter's throne your final trial? 

Benedictus--like a balm
Conclave calamitous--then calm.
Habemus Franciscum papam.
Pontificate--and martyr's palm?

Now let's hope I am as ham-handed at prophecy as I am at poetry! I thought long and hard--well, all of an hour--about whether or not to include that last line. One of my good friends is a talented literary editor and she could tell me exactly what is wrong with it; but it is possibly for the sake of our friendship that she has never commented on my poetry!

This was another lean month for players--but hey, it's Lent! =P Dylan, whenever you're ready, link up your March masterpiece!


Thomas D said...

Oh, Enbrethiliel, your poem is much more pious than mine! but I heartily approve! I cherish the quadruple rhyme of the second stanza, and yes, let us hope that Papa Francesco has multos annos, and does not receive the crown of martyrdom!

I shall post my poem to the Reluctant blog within the next 48 hours!

Thomas D said...

My poem: Here it is.

Enbrethiliel said...


Thanks, Dylan! I really like your poem, too, and have already left you a proper comment. (I'm just sorry that it's so late!)