05 December 2012


All I Want for Christmas . . . Are Advent Poems

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For everyone who isn't the wonderful Shaz, the answer to last month's riddle is . . . the long-running British TV series Dr. Who. Well, wasn't that fun? ;-P

More seriously now, my one regret for November was dashing off another riddle instead of a proper poem. I feel that I still owe Dauvit a real return for his prompts, so a second poem, plus the December schedule, can be found after the jump.

Although I'm planning to make my official December poem fit the Top Secret December Theme, the one that follows doesn't.

Word: Tenant
Question: Have you ever heard the river's song?

Why should a river deign to sing--be David to our Saul?
What lord plays minstrel to the crowd just passing through his hall?
And yet this music of the world--of water, stone and spray
Enchants our eager mortal ears and hands that cannot play.
We are time's tenants on the earth--we do not lease life long.
And no one ever hears the whole of any river's song.

Well, okay, it's not much, is it? My first great idea was to describe the "voices" of various rivers around the world--but I nipped that in the bud when I realised that it would actually require some research. LOL! So I let the idea of time travel inspire me again, and played with the idea of the river as permanent and people as transient; and there you go!

If you'd like to join the December game, please take note of the schedule. And when you send me your prompts, please write "W&Q 26" in the subject line of the email. Thanks! =)

Saturday of the First Week of Advent -- Deadline for prompts
Second Sunday of Advent -- Check your inbox for your new prompts
Wednesday of the Second Week of Advent -- We start linking up
The Third Day of Christmas -- Deadline for poems

And now that I've alienated everyone who isn't Catholic . . . let's play!


Paul Stilwell said...

"What lord plays minstrel to the crowd just passing through his hall?"

On the second reading I love this poem even more. So concise and so deep.

Enbrethiliel said...


Thank you, Stilwell! I wish I had been able to do more for the idea, though.

Belfry Bat said...

Why do I think you're playing games with Dr. Who, now?

love the girls said...

Walking into your blog is akin to walking into Kafka's library.

Cozy and full of books but all conversations in it leads one to grasp for purchase.

Enbrethiliel said...


Bat -- Because I look cooler than I actually am? =P

LTG -- Brace yourself. It can only get crazier from here! ;-)

Thomas D said...

Enbrethiliel -- I, too, like the poem! Immensely. I like the fourteen-syllable lines, and I like the final couplet especially. If I did not know it was you who had written it, my guess at authorship would be a deep compliment to you indeed! Expert throughout.