16 November 2012


Writing Diary, Entry #31

This was almost a Blank Page entry for my ShredChedFanFicWriMo project . . . until I remembered that I have actually been writing a lot.

I have heaps of bad pages in the apple green notebook I currently carry around, and therefore nothing to make excuses for. The reason this isn't a Bad Page post is that my latest story hasn't been encoded yet. I've just been far too busy at work.

But the weekend is upon us, so I should have something to share very soon. =)

In the meantime, you want to check out a slightly edited version of last week's story on FanFiction.net, under its new title "The Tale of the Forgotten Wish". I had to change it up a bit so as not to violate FF.net guidelines. The original version turns director D.J. MacHale's daughter into a character--which isn't allowed because she is not only "non-fictional" but also "non-historical." I wanted to keep the last name MacHale because it's part of the twist, but I changed the girl's first name to "Katie." Let's hope that's a good enough compromise!

Of course, there is more to editing than glorified copyreading. Mrs. Darwin's comment on Bad Page 1 about a "super creepy educational fairytale" showed me that I did not quite play up the moral angle of my story. There's more than one good reason why Kevin was wrong to do what he does in my unofficial sequel: the obvious one about black magic being dangerous . . . and the not-so-obvious one about what friends share between them.

While I don't want to hit a reader over the head with too explicit a moral, I think I may want to revisit that FF someday, to make it clearer that the real price of Kevin's attempt to collect his last wish is the loss of an incredible (if harrowing) experience he once shared with his best friend in the world, and now shares with no one.


Jenny said...

Well, at least you're writing...that's more than me. :(

Enbrethiliel said...


Still in that slow patch? =( I'm sorry. I know from experience that it takes a while to get back out, but also that you'll be back in top form much sooner than you think!