07 November 2012


Silver Poems!

What has come to mind, thanks to the title I just typed, was the curious coincidence that Beverly Sills is Silvery Bells, if you rearrange the letters a little. But that's not the word game you care about right now, is it? You want to know the answer to last month's riddle.(That would be W&Q 24.)

While Christopher's guess (The Hunger Games--LOL!) was my personal favourite, it was The Mike who came the closest when he said it must be a game that is played with a pen . . . like Hangman. =P And if you now whip out your Secret Decoder Rings, you'll know that that game is . . . Exquisite Corpse. =)

When I said (repeatedly, Bat, and on Twitter) that the answer was embedded in the poem, I was referring to the last line. This game was a Surrealist invention--basically Madlibs taken too seriously. The name demanded some morbidity in the imagery, but I admit I complicated matters by imagining a game in which participants could only "play" words that had become obsolete. You know, dead words. =P No dead word, no chance to play, which makes it your toll.

What? Do you all hate me now? Can't you save it until after the next game? Won't you at least read the poem in this post?

I really like songs that ask questions, so I decided to mine another one of them for a prompt. You may remember this Selena Gomez single from my post Twelve Things about Monte Carlo.

Since the first two questions in the chorus already have answers--

Q: Who says you're not perfect?
A: Miley Cyrus. (Ask a tween girl what this means. Go ahead. I dare you.)

Q: Who says you're not worth it?
A: Not L'Oreal. (You already get this, right?)

--I shall write my poem in answer to the third.

Now, submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society . . . Oh, wait. Wrong writing project (LOL!) . . .

Word: Silver
Question: Who says you're the only one who's heard it?

She made me promise not to tell,
I swore I'd guard her secret well,
And her lips parted like a shell
Held up against my ear.

The message was so clear.
A secret like a silver bell,
It went forth like a magic spell,
On wings which we two could not quell.

I ordinarily don't like using the same word over and over (or even just twice) in a poem, but I think "secret" belongs in both stanzas. =)

If you would like to join the next game, please e-mail me your "toll" by 10 November. I will e-mail you back with your new prompts on 11 November.

My poem will go up on 14 November and all of you should link up by 28 November. Okay? =)


DMS said...

Yeah! I was wondering what the answer to that riddle was- thanks! I love the poem in this post, paints a vivid picture- and it's always so fun to rhyme! I thought that the game Hangman was a great guess for the last one. ~ Jess

Enbrethiliel said...


You're welcome, Jess! And thanks so much for guessing last time. I hope the answer lives up to some of the great guesses in the earlier post!