01 November 2012



I can fix a bad page. I can't fix a blank page. -- Nora Roberts

Anything worth doing is worth doing badly. -- G.K. Chesterton

When I said that Stephen King's Pet Sematary would be this blog's "October/November novel," that was because I thought it would take me longer to read than it did. Having finished it in less than a month, I don't have another book lined up for November. Which is kind of good, because I'd like to do something a little different this time.

My first idea was to do a watchalong for a TV series. I even had the two options all lined up . . .

PushingDaisies Season1 DVD, Source: http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/news/Pushing-Daisies-Season-1/9620 vs. TruCalling Season1 DVD, Source: http://www.thecinemasource.com/blog/contests/tru-calling-season-1-dvd-contest/
Pushing Daisies vs. Tru Calling

But given how difficult it is to find non-pirated DVDs of anything in the Philippines, I doubt I'd be able to watch either of my own picks. (Heck, I know: I've been going around looking for Season 1 of both series for weeks and coming up dry everywhere. Even the pirates have turned me away! LOL!)

Then I got all ironic and checked YouTube. =P There are some Tru Calling episodes there, but I don't know if the entire Season 1 is available, or even if the episodes are complete, so I won't risk it. (Do you know how many times I started watching a movie on YouTube only to learn that some troll--or perhaps, some activist--hadn't uploaded the ending???)

But by then I had a different idea. Do you know what else has heaps of episodes on YouTube, although no season seems to be complete?

And suddenly I found the perfect project for November, which you may also know as (Inter)National Novel Writing Month.

Although I've managed a few novels in my time (all of them lost now), I've always been all about Fan Fiction. And some of the first FF stories I wrote were for Nickelodeon's early 90s series Are You Afraid of the Dark? Inspired by the timing, the nostalgia, and the encouragement from both novelist Nora Roberts and journalist G.K. Chesterton, I have decided to launch my "Bad Page" Writing Challenge this November 2012, my own personal ShredChedFanFicWriMo.

This is even more niche than I usually am, so I don't expect anyone to watch the episodes with me or even to read my spin-offs. But if you have your own fond memories of the Midnight Society, I hope that my fun will also be your fun. =)

So that I can focus on creating stories, I will be holding back from reviewing them. We'll still have Word & Question for November, but not Locus Focus.

Image Sources: a) Pushing Daisies, Season 1, b) Tru Calling, Season 1, c) Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Season 1


Michael said...

Regarding DVD's, you do have American readers who can probably get you anything you want. :-)

If you are worried about giving out your mailing address, I'm sure with a little creative thought you can come up with a workable solution.

Enbrethiliel said...


You mean, American reader: singular. LOL! Okay, I'll e-mail you. =)

Patricia said...

I didn't know it was hard to get DVDs in other countries.. I mean, some countries, sure, but I live in Germany and so far seldomly had issues finding movies or tv-shows I liked on Amazon or other stores. So, that really sucks. :/

Also, NaNoWriMo (or, well, ShredChedFanFicWriMo XD) sounds so intimidating to me.. Good luck, and lots of fun with that! I don't think I know "Are you afraid of the dark" though.. o.o

Enbrethiliel said...


Hi, Patricia! =D

There might be a chance you've heard of Are You Afraid of the Dark? . . . I know the series was syndicated in Europe, but with the portions featuring the Midnight Society cut out. That's a bit unfortunate, since the best way to check whether someone has seen the show is to mention the kids telling a scary story around a bonfire!

In any case, there are some episodes on YouTube, if you are interested in checking the show out. =)

Thanks for your comment! I appreciate your dropping by!