26 October 2012


"Two or Three" Book Club, Meeting 19

You know what really boggles my mind? The fact that I will have the exact number of of Pet Sematary covers that I need to have a different one in each discussion post until we're done with the novel!!! And I don't even have to look outside the English language to do it!

"You want to what?" Dory asked again. "Rachel . . . you're upset . . . a night's sleep . . ."

Rachel only shook her head. She could not explain to her mother why she had to go back. The feeling had risen in her the way a wind rises--an early stirring of the grasses, hardly noticed; then the air begins to move faster and harder, and there is no calm left; then the gusts become hard enough to make eerie screaming noises around the eaves; then they are shaking the house and you realise that this is something like a hurricane, and if the wind gets much higher, things are going to fall down . . .

And now the time has come . . . to talk about Rachel Creed.

Chapters 46 to 54

Until this point, I never realised how in the dark Rachel has been. Her husband has had one of the most extraordinary experiences anyone will ever have, and she never even hears about it. And now he is about to have another, and it is only their daughter's strange behaviour that is clueing her in to what has been happening.

Two posts ago, when I asked whether Louis should have told Rachel, I totally forgot to factor in how unbalanced Rachel has been since Zelda's death. I can't really blame Louis for not telling her about Church at once: even a few weeks after Rachel pours our her tale seems too soon. And then Gage dies, too. Terrible timing all around.

But although Louis is the main character, he's not the only accountable agent in the Creed family. Now that Rachel's inner action heroine is coming out to play, I want to shine the spotlight on her for a bit.

Am I the only one surprised at how quickly and competently she is moving in these chapters? Especially given how paralysed she has been around death in the past? I'm afraid that I'm not really buying it. Yes, she may have been able to talk about Zelda at last, which means her character has been able to move forward . . . but she's just bouncing back a little too fast for me.

And then I remember how receptive Rachel was to Louis's emotional state on the night Victor Pascow died, and feel that I'm being harder on her than I should.

What are your thoughts on Chapters 46 to 54?

1. What do you think of Rachel as a character?
2. Do you think a wife in her position should have figured out that something big was up with her husband?

(If this post feels kind of rough, that's because it is. LOL! I'm publishing it not because it feels finished, but because I don't allow myself to keep reading until I've written the readalong post for the installment I've finished. And if you're reading (or rereading) the book with me, then you know why I'm desperate to keep going from this point!!!)

Image Source: Pet Sematary by Stephen King


Angie Tusa said...

By this point in the book, it becomes obvious to me that the Good vs Evil forces are having a very large influence on our characters. So Rachel doesn't seem so much out of character as she does possessed by the force for Good trying to stop what Louis is putting in motion. Unfortunately, the forces of Evil are working just as hard...

My feelings for Rachel are largely all about sympathy. I was as mad as Louis to find out how her parents had treated her in regards to Zelda when she was so young, and then of course she loses her son.

I've mentioned before that the lack of sharing in her relationship with Louis is odd to me, but I think it does at least make it plausible that she wouldn't have much of a clue about what was happening until it was too late.

Jenny said...

I'm often bothered in books when characters react to things like no normal person would. Still, it sounds like you're enjoying the read.

Enbrethiliel said...


Angie -- You're right that it's more of a cosmic Good vs. Evil battle than "interpersonal conflict" at this point. So I can see how Rachel would suddenly become an instrument of Good. This crisis is bringing out the worst in Louis, but it's bringing out the best in Rachel.

I do think I'm a little unfair to Rachel. Her marriage has been targeted by the forces of Evil in a way that very few marriages are. Hardly any normal person expects to be the hero of a Horror novel. LOL! (I wish I could say more, but I really wanted to leave this comment now and I have to leave the computer in a matter of seconds.)

Jenny -- Oh, I am totally enjoying Pet Sematary! =D And it's in so small part thanks to everyone who has been commenting along.