05 October 2012


"Two or Three" Book Club, Meeting 13

Last week, I asked the readers of Shredded Cheddar and all my other online friends a question that would decide the course of the rest of my . . . month.

Which Book Should We Read Next?

Votes came in through both the combox and Twitter, and after seven days and an extension, I saw we had a winner.

Pet Sematary = 7 Votes
The Shining = 6 Votes

Now I'll confess that Pet Sematary was the book I had hoped would win. Not only did it fit the Burial Grounds theme beautifully, but it also seemed like The Right Book At The Right Time. And all the Stephen King readers (save one) voted for it, although the dissenter hinted that it was only because he hadn't read it yet. All that means something, right?

But soon The Shining showed me it had something that Pet Sematary did not: a Guaranteed Reading Buddy. One who, judging by his willingness to bribe some totally uninterested friends to vote for his pick, was the kindred spirit I had been praying for.

Whichever way it went, I knew I would be disappointed. =P 

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in this poll! =) I'm going to start reading Pet Sematary now . . . probably all on my own. LOL! But chime in if you have any thoughts, okay?

Image Sources: a) Pet Sematary by Stephen King, b) The Shining by King


Sullivan McPig said...

I'm no fan of King (even the movies he didn't get any say in are the best King movies imo) so I won't be reading along, but have fun!

mrsdarwin said...

Sorry, Christopher!

Enbrethiliel said...


Sully -- Well, King is strong where he is strong and weak where he is weak, but I haven't been disappointed by one of his novels yet. =) Thanks for voting anyway!

Mrs. Darwin -- Christopher may not believe this, but I do feel his pain . . .