03 October 2012


October Prompts for October Poems

Shredded Cheddar's official theme for October may be Burial Grounds (And you're all linking up, okay???), but I'm also making an unofficial theme out of "Back to Normal". A Horror extravaganza is definitely a return to normalcy around here--as is the tradition of writing one poem a month. (I mean, where would the world be without poetry? Even bad poetry?) I have such a good feeling about October.

I'm sure there are a few skeptical readers who are wondering why this month should be any different from those which have gone before. For them, there is Exhibit A: Poems Both Greasy and Graceful. It took me over a year to write those four promised poems and to complete the challenge. But I did it.

And I felt so fabulous afterwards that I poked around for another Word and another Question so that I could do it again. Behold Exhibit B . . .

Well, where else did you expect me to get prompts?
Besides, it's a Wednesday . . .

Word: Rocket
Question: How do you get up from an all-time low?

Even frozen earth cannot trap you,
She told us when she found her voice;
And the walls of the closest casket will prove
As much of a barrier as noise.
For then you will rise like a rocket,
A knife that slashes the sky.
There is so much more than burial
To keeping you down when you die.

Remember that October is Burial Grounds month! =)

If you'd like to play, e-mail me with a word and a question by this Saturday. (My e-mail address is in my Blogger Profile.) Then check your e-mails on Sunday for your new word and question. Write a poem that uses the word and answers the question, publish it on your own blog on or before our deadline, and leave a link to it in the combox under my poem. (As the host, I will have it up earliest, by Wednesday next week.) Then be sure to visit the other players to give kind-hearted feedback on their poems.

6 October -- Deadline for prompts
7 October -- You receive your new prompts
10 October -- Deadline for my poem
24 October -- Deadline for everyone else's poems

And right now you must be wondering, "Enbrethiliel, do our prompts and poems have to follow the Burial Grounds theme, too?"

To all of you, I say: "No! Go with whatever inspiration you find at the moment." =)

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