28 September 2012


"Two or Three" Book Club, Meeting 12

So you remember what I was saying about going all out for October . . . ? What that means for the "Two or Three" Book Club is a Horror novel. You probably already know what's coming, but let me drag it out a little. =P

The beauty of declaring a theme beforehand is like the beauty of a scratched up metallic surface when a candle is set before it. (If you were on of those who read George Eliot's Middlemarch with me off this blog, then that image probably rang a bell!) As the scratches seem to rearrange themselves into a perfect halo, totally random accidents seem like magical gifts falling into pre-ordained places. After I announced the Burial Grounds theme for next month's Locus Focus (You're totally linking up, right?) and silently worried that I wouldn't be able to complete my own challenge, a slew of literary and cinematic cemeteries started agitating for my attention which had always been around just looked a little more obvious.

You'd be surprised at how many final resting places there are in fiction--and how diverse they are! . . . Or maybe not! ;-)

Two books with prime Burial Ground settings are now up for consideration as "Two or Three" Book Club picks. But we can only have one . . .

Vote for Our October/November Novel!

In case you're a complete newbie when it comes to Stephen "Master of Horror" King, Pet Sematary is about a graveyard whose corpses don't stay dead and The Shining is set in a hotel that was built on an ancient burial ground.

UPDATE: You don't actually have to be a "Two or Three" Book Club member to vote, you know. If I limited the pool of voters to them, I think I'd get less than two or three votes. =P

Mrs. Darwin gets her vote counted twice because she knew about the painting in the final Persuasion post. =)

Go ahead, gang. Make Meeting 13 (My favourite number!!!) epic.

Image Sources: a) Pet Sematary by Stephen King, b) The Shining by King


Jenny said...

Ooo! I don't know. I'd like to read both of these. Both? ;)

cyurkanin said...

The Shining is on my "to read" list (it's a LOST book club thing, you wouldn't understand...) so it has my vote. I'd like to give King another chance after the horrible experience I had getting through the Gunslinger.

Mrs. Darwin, cast your two votes for the Shining and I'll go sing karaoke with you next time I'm in your state.

Angie Tusa said...

My vote is for Pet Semetery. I just finished reading the book myself, and I was amazed by its depth. The story is a fairly simple one, sure. It's essentially The Monkey's Paw where the character just continually wishes to bring animals or people back to life. But there's so much more going on underneath the surface. It's an honest approach looking at the ways that we as humans deal (or don't deal) with death. It should give you guys plenty to discuss even beyond that theme.

Of course The Shining is another one of his greats, so if that one does end up winning, I will still be here to read the entries. :)

Enbrethiliel said...


Note: Scotty-B sent in his vote through Twitter! He picked Pet Sematary. =)

Jenny -- I know I will get to both . . . eventually, as I always say . . . but one of them will get to be first. =)

Christopher -- Ooooh, the classic karaoke bribe! You're serious about this! =P

Angie -- I obviously chose Pet Sematary only because it fits next month's theme, so I'm really pleased to find out that it has more depth to it than I had guessed. (I have some weird memories of the movie, but that's it.) So far, it's in the lead. Let's see what Mrs. Darwin does with her two votes and whether anyone else pops in to swing the decision! =)

Jonette said...

I'll go for Pet Sematary, if only for the creepy animals. :D

mrsdarwin said...

Alrighty, this is totally for Christopher, because I'm not going to read either scary book: The Shining. The Shining.

I read a bit of King back in the day, but Shirley Jackson is about as creepy as I go, normally.

cyurkanin said...

If you notice, she did say "the Shining" TWO times...

DMS said...

I was a huge Stephen King fan growing up- and Pet Cemetery was one of the books that set it all in motion- so I have to vote for that one : ) ~ Jess

Enbrethiliel said...


Jonette -- Creepy animals are a fantastic reason! =) Thanks for voting!

Mrs. Darwin -- LOL! I hope you enjoyed last month's Persuasion readalong, at least. =) Maybe I'll find my way back to the Dead Authors this December.

Christopher -- And did you notice that as of this comment, Pet Sematary is in the lead again? ;-)

Jess -- I've been getting such great feedback on Pet Sematary! Thanks for adding your vote to the bunch. =)

marellus said...

Pet Cemetery. Ever heard of David Gemmell ?

The Mike said...

I'mma vote for Shining, because I've read it. If we did Pet Sematary I'd just have to fake off the movie. :)

Enbrethiliel said...


Marellus -- Thanks for your vote! =) I'm afraid that I don't know David Gemmell, though. =(

The Mike -- Thank you for The Vote! =D

David Marciniak said...

SHINING. Classic. Plus Christopher promised a Dewar's on the rocks. Yes you did.

cyurkanin said...

Bribes are awesome.

amy said...

Sorry En, I'm still recovering from my first Stephen King book, Misery, that I read in 2001.

Enbrethiliel said...


David -- It's nice to see you again! =) Do you know that you're Christopher's best friend in the world right now?

Christopher -- #speechless

Amy -- Oh, I know what you mean. =P It took me years to get over Needful Things! Thanks for stopping by, anyway!

honey my heart said...

Pet Semetery!

cyurkanin said...

My friends have all let me down...

Oh, and I figured out why the "top commenter" thingy isn't working... #facepalm

Enbrethiliel said...


Honey -- Thanks, cousin! =)

Christopher -- You still figured it out a few seconds before I did! LOL! Look, your army of "Shining" soldiers have one more day to get here. All you need is a tie, remember?

I'm actually rooting for you now! =P

cyurkanin said...

That pretty much settles it. Mrs. Darwin and Dave are my only friends left in the whole world.

Enbrethiliel said...


More notes from Twitter:

Sully voted for The Shining.

Trekkiegirl voted for Pet Sematary.

And we have a winner! The poll is now closed. Thanks to everyone who participated!