24 September 2012


"Two or Three" Book Club, Meeting 11

Brownie points to whomever remembers this painting and when it figured in Shredded Cheddar history!!! =D

The first one to answer will get his vote counted twice in the upcoming "Two or Three" Book Club poll! But now I'm getting ahead of myself . . . (Oooooh!)

Chapters 21 to 24

You all want to discuss The Letter now, don't you? =P Well, be my guest!

I think you're all better at finding interesting things about Persuasion than I am, anyway. =)

But just so our phantom secretary may have something to record in the minutes of this meeting, here is one of the thoughts I had while reading the last four chapters of our latest book . . .

One thing I did not notice during my first reading was how girlish Anne is in the last few chapters of Persuasion. Or is "girlish" the right word? It's just that her life is suddenly full of intrigue, and I'd say she responds like a girl. A fluttering girl. =P Captain Wentworth sees her with Mr. Eliot and she just knows what the former is thinking and is desperate to find a way to show him he is mistaken. Or Lady Russell looks over to where Captain Wentworth is and Anne is practically shaking with the social dynamics of it all.

She actually reminded me very much of Catherine Morland--which surprised me because I tend to contrast them. Jane Austen wrote Northanger Abbey when she was relatively young, and Catherine Morland is one of her youngest, most inexperienced romantic heroines. (I think only Marianne Dashwood is younger.) On the other hand, Austen wrote Persuasion last, and Anne is her oldest, most sober heroine. (Rivaled only by Marianne's sister Elinor?) But it's true that Anne gets to experience a second spring of sorts in this novel--and it shouldn't be surprising that girlish behaviours that she has been suppressing for years would burst into bloom again, at the first touch of new warmth.

Image Source: Persuasion by Leonard Campbell Taylor


DMS said...

Amazingly haunting picture! Love it : ) ~ Jess

mrsdarwin said...

That was one of the paintings in a painting smack-down -- I think it was the one that was matched against Washington's Courtship. Nice touch to include it here!

Enbrethiliel said...


Jess -- You should have seen the Norman Rockwell one! It nearly stole the whole smackdown! =P

Mrs. Darwin -- Got it in one! =D

cyurkanin said...

Hey, guess I'm late to this but you got that painting from ME if I remember correctly... don't I get two votes in your Two or Three Club also?!!!

Enbrethiliel said...


And in case anyone was wondering who the mysterious contributor who didn't want to be named during the Norman Rockwell Painting Smackdown was . . . =P

You know what? If we end up with a tie next Friday, I'll let you swing it. Okay? =)

cyurkanin said...

Deal. See how nice compromise can be? :)