26 September 2012


Concert Notes

Now, why didn't I think of this sooner? Like, last month, when Tears for Fears were here? Tears for Fears Live in Manila 2012 is still the standard against which all other concerts I've been to and will go to are measured--and I'm going to have quite the time not contrasting it unfairly with this humbler show, which I almost didn't attend.

For those who have better things to do than read dispatches from the front lines of the boy band wars, it's like this: you're either for One Direction or you're for The Wanted. And I was for One Direction. But 1D weren't going to be in town and TW were. So I bought a ticket . . . and now I don't think I'm with 1D any longer . . . LOL!!!

7 Notes on The Wanted Live in Manila

Thanks to @theforger_!

F: There's usually a "local" touch to make the audience feel like hosts to a happy guest. It used to be a greeting in the country's language. For many, perhaps it still is. But in the last two concerts I've been to, it has been a t-shirt with our colours and emblems.

And I did think that one shirt--or what I could see of it through the opening of his blazer--looked suspiciously Philippine. But it wasn't until the wearer held the blazer open and we all saw the archipelago embroidered as a logo that I saw I was right. Very endearing, even if it wasn't his idea.

G: There were many other instances of the band gaming the audience. (Please forgive the term. There's really no other.) My personal favourite came very early in the show, when they asked us to make some noise. All my screaming days behind me, I didn't even bother, just holding my ears and grinning while the young girls around me took their turn. And it was at that point that one of the group members pointed straight at me and said, "You in the back! I see you! You're not screaming!"

I couldn't believe it. Me? I mouthed, pointing at myself, too.

"Yes, you! I can see you there. You'd better scream now!"

And that's the story of my first and last scream of the night. =P

Now, I know that he probably didn't mean me. I could have sworn that he did--but then again, a woman two rows in front of me was certain he meant her! And if I had turned around, I'm sure I would have seen someone behind me who thought it was she! (Heck, the reason I didn't turn around to check was because I didn't want anyone behind me getting more "evidence" that she had been singled out, when it was obviously I who had been! ROFL!!!) But you see how it works, right? The right (scripted) line at the right (pre-planned) time can win over a (naive) fan forever.

I understand this and I still fall for it. The member who "talked" to me? He was my least favourite one in The Wanted when I really started listening to them, and now he's the one I like the most.

A: Another "memorable moment" was when the band picked people from the audience to stand with them on stage during the Heart Vacancy set. Four girls (and one bemused guy--LOL!) will never forget that. And this is the art of making fans for life. They'll be playing this ballad to their grandchildren.

B: For everyone else there, the highlight was the first ever live performance of the new single I Found You.

(I couldn't believe how many people were making live recordings. They didn't have just phones and cameras, either, but also tablets. The fan responsible for the two videos embedded above was about a metre in front of me. You're getting a good idea of the view I had.)

C: Then there was the cover medley, which seems to have become a convention of the Pop concert (Yes, "Pop concert" is a genre now. Just accept it.)--and a tacit admission that modern Pop is essentially professional karaoke. Not that that's a bad thing: I go to concerts for the sing-songs, you know.

The Wanted did Coldplay, accompanying themselves with instruments (but not dismissing their band!).And now I want to thank my beautiful brother Cue-card Boy for unwittingly making me able to sing along to every Coldplay song I thought I didn't know.

D: My favourite part of every concert is when the band listens to the audience sing. And it finally happened with the last song of the night, Glad You Came.

I'm still looking for a good video to embed. There are several which show the band performing, but of course I want one of the band listening. Why is that a taller order than it should be?

I'll do my best to get one. Check back in a day or two if you'd really like to hear it. But in any case, thanks for reading to the end. =)

Thanks to @KERIshme1D!

Video quality is awful (So now you know what it was like for me--LOL!) but the sound is amazing. Don't we the audience sound fantastic? ;-)

Now be polite and stay for the final bow!!!

Image Source: The Wanted Live in Manila flyer


Jenny said...

This is embarrassing to admit but I have never been to a concert before. How sad is that? :(

Paul Stilwell said...

Tears for Fears is still around. That's so wizard.

Enbrethiliel said...


Jenny -- Concerts weren't a big deal for me either until I totally blew my fourteen-year-long chance to see Westlife in concert.

*kicks self again*

And if it makes you feel any better, live shows are not all that. They cost a lot of money, the logistics of the venue can be a real hassle, and when you finally get there and find yourself squashed among people you'd never hang out with in real life (Chavvy teenyboppers! Gasp!), it can seem like more trouble than it's worth. =P But yeah, there are some great moments. =) If there's an artist or band that you really like, then I hope you get the chance to hear them live, too!

Stilwell -- Tears for Fears did break up at one point, but then they got back together again. Either way, the wizardry is wonderful. =)