29 August 2012


C and Rambo

my type concho letter w ampersand & letter Q    
number 2 Advent calender drawer number 3

It was the wonderful and wise Ellen's idea to take a cue from the magazine world and spread the latest "issue" of W&Q over two months. Now W&Q 23 is not a mere July edition, but a July/August edition!

And now for the poem that will make you wonder, "We waited two months for this???"

At least you get a bonus rebus, aye?

Word: Ragweed
Question: What's with this weather, anyway?!?

Once nectar of the gods, I read, 
Who feasted on Olympus's head: 
Their ambrosia. In our spring
Richer ragweed rains can bring,
And summer breezes scatter wide,
Where mortals live and cannot hide
From fate, except to drink our fill
Of the new ambrosia, Benedryl.

Now before you can tell me I didn't really answer the question, why don't you take a look at Ellen's poem: Reunion

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Belfry Bat said...

Lovely hyperbaton, here. (Or... I hope I may so take your words?)

An art delicate, and alas! neglected oft. And certainly you mention weather and what must follow; so there! Nicely suitable indeed!

Jenny said...

LOL! A poem with the word Benedryl? Love it!

Enbrethiliel said...


Bat -- I may yet amend this. How could I have not noticed, before hitting "Publish", that I used the word "ambrosia" twice! *facepalm*

But in the meantime, thanks for your kind assessment. =)

Jenny -- LOL! It's my favourite part. =D I really struggled with this angle (and with the prompts in particular), but I refused to go in another direction after I came up with the bit about Benedryl!

christopher said...

As Marvin the Martian would say : pure unadulterated genius.

Enbrethiliel said...


Really? =P Even with "ambrosia" there twice?


christopher said...

Twice is nice when it comes to ambrosia.