30 August 2012


Theme Thursday 8

When I saw this week's theme, my first thought was the latest book my editor sent me to review. It's all about brands and their marketing, and there was a great analysis of a Porsche commercial I would have loved to quote in detail. But then it wouldn't have been a snippet. =P

My second thought was that I had seen this week's exact theme just the other night, while reading the latest "Two or Three" Book Club novel; and as I chewed it over, I realised it would be the better fit . . . if only because the Porsche doesn't actually get driven in the analysed ad. (Excuses, excuses, I know. You'd think I wasn't a fan of Top Gear.)

This Week's Theme:

29 August 2012


C and Rambo

my type concho letter w ampersand & letter Q    
number 2 Advent calender drawer number 3

It was the wonderful and wise Ellen's idea to take a cue from the magazine world and spread the latest "issue" of W&Q over two months. Now W&Q 23 is not a mere July edition, but a July/August edition!

And now for the poem that will make you wonder, "We waited two months for this???"

27 August 2012


"Two or Three" Book Club, Meeting 7

What I should have done last week was put up this time table for our reading of Persuasion . . .

20 August -- Chapters 1 to 4
27 August -- Chapters 5 to 8
3 September -- Chapters 9 to 12
10 September -- Chapters 13 to 16
17 September -- Chapters 17 to 20
24 September -- Chapters 21 to 24

If anyone would like to do a guest post or to host one meeting on his or her blog, starting next week, just let me know before then! =)

23 August 2012


Twelve Things about Shark Night 3D

12. There was no way this movie was not going to be compared to Jaws. (Yeah, that's a double negative. So?) The filmmakers knew it, decided not to fight it, and ended up having some fun with it. And so we have an opening scene that homages the selachian classic, seemingly with no other purpose than to get the unfair comparisons out of the way.

How interesting--and how fitting--to learn later that there is more to this scene than what is . . . ahem . . . on the surface.

11. I was drawn to this movie for two reasons: my deep, dark fascination for what I call "monsters in the water" and my cheesy love of ensemble casts (preferably teenagers, although colonial marines will do in a pinch) that get taken down one by one. Shark Night 3D was just made to order, you know?

Yet I remain surprised that despite its crazy premise (namely, man-eating sharks in a salt water lake--and how they got there), it's actually a decent B-movie I can see myself watching again and again.

20 August 2012


"Two or Three" Book Club, Meeting 6

It took about three years, but we got the Club back together again . . . Or did we???

I'm reminded of the Ship of Theseus--the question of whether a ship whose parts are all gradually replaced over time remains the same ship in the end. (And now I also wonder how our answer to this has changed since we learned that all the cells in the human body are replaced every seven years.) Yes, I'm still around--to the great annoyance of my imaginary detractors (Hi, guys!)--but I don't think that anyone else who joined the first five Book Club meetings will show up for the next five (or more).

Anyway, I hope you've brought the refreshments, because I never remember them in time.

17 August 2012


Twelve Things about Men in Black

12. Every time I watch a movie from another decade, I ask myself, "Has it aged well?"--and the answer is usually a simple Yes or No. The other day, when I asked myself that about Men in Black, the answer was: "How could something this fun ever feel 'old'???"

11. Ironically, this film's "agelessness" ocurred to me when I realised that it was giving rise to the same feelings in me that classics from the 80s do. (LOL!) I'd say that Men in Black is a cross between Ghostbusters and Back to the Future, multiplied by the combined star power of Mr. Jones and Mr. Smith.

10. Mr. Smith, by the way, is a comic genius. Everything out of his mouth is funny.

9. And Mr. Jones is just the best. That Will Smith was able to share the screen with him and not be outclassed is one of the greatest feats of modern moviestardom we will ever see.

(Did you see that he was also able to steal this comment?
Too amazing . . .)

8. As for the aliens . . .

13 August 2012


If "Two or Three" May Be Persuaded . . .

Yes, it's a mug. And so?

I really, really, really want to reread Jane Austen's Persuasion this month.

There are other things that need doing--heck, other books that need reading--and a poem that needs writing, but it must be Persuasion that I blog about this month (and maybe the next) or I will spontaneously combust and you will never hear from me again. (But no pressure to say yes or anything.)

Now . . . which one or two of you is with me???

Image Source: Persuasion Penguin Books Mug

10 August 2012


Character Connection 38

Reading has been difficult lately. I like to say that I'm in the middle of a long classic novel, but I haven't picked it up in about two weeks. There were two books I read for MOD Magazine, but of course I can't blog about them until after the issue with my reviews comes out. There are another two that I've promised to judge for a Special Event I Can't Officially Reveal Yet, but one of them is an eBook that I can't read on my tablet and the other seems to have been sold out everywhere.

Watching movies, on the other hand, has been wonderful. And I almost thought I'd have to turn Shredded Cheddar into a movie blog for a while, when a couple of conversations with a friend inspired me to take a second look at a book I had read several years ago. The blogging fairies were kind and helped me turn my thoughts into a book-themed post.

EDIT: The blogging fairies came back on February 2014 to make me rehaul the whole thing.

So here you go! =)

08 August 2012


Twelve Things about The Ward

12. Most people refer to this as John Carpenter's Ward. Having seen it, I will always think of it as Amber Heard's Ward.

She does not just carry the movie, but is also carrying this post. =)

Great, great casting choice, Mr. Carpenter.

11. At first, I wasn't going to blog about this. The big twist was a let down, the ending wasn't very satisfying, and I wasn't feeling inspired at all.

But I had made notes while watching, and when I revisited them the next morning, they made me want to watch the whole thing again. From the very beginning, no less! Including the opening credits . . . with all those images implying that mental illness is a kind of hell . . . and also that hell is "other people."

For what we learn from the ending is that sometimes hell is . . . yourself.

10. But let me back away from the edge of spoilerage now and blog of other things . . .

07 August 2012


Tutor Tales, Volume 37

This was almost a Writing Diary post. Were it so, you'd now be reading a little bit about my new job and the "regular" office hours I now keep, and why they mean I can no longer tutor Scrap Metal (or anyone else).

But this is a Tutor Tales post, which means you're reading a little bit about my new job and the "regular" office hours I now keep, and why they mean I can no longer write for MOD Magazine and Atlas TV Guide nor proofread papers for a Chinoy client I've been working with since before I started this blog.

If you had asked me last month which of the two I would rather drop--the freelance writing or the freelance tutoring--then I would have said the latter. Although the former pays much less, there are no transportation expenses to worry about. And I do love my bylines.

But these days, there's someone else who loves me . . .