27 June 2012


Westlife UK #1s Smackdown, Round 4!!!
(Revisit Round 1, Round 2 and Round 3)

This last post is bittersweet to write, coming mere days after Westlife had their last ever concert at Croke Park.

Last week's mini face-off winner is . . . Lighthouse! Is anyone else surprised? I really thought that the "early" single Bop Bop Baby would win: the title may be embarrassing, but the camp factor is priceless. (Seriously, can't you imagine rocking it out at karaoke?) But you know, Lighthouse isn't bad--and I don't mean that in the damning "faint praise" way. =) It doesn't get to be a wild card pick, though.

As I said during Round 2, I nixed any randomisation in determining the pairs because I wanted to give The 'Life the best possible Final Four from their UK #1 singles. (Not that they will ever know, but hey!) From those, I selected the following two finalists:

Flying without Wings vs. Uptown Girl

Since last week's clips were from the final tour, these week's clips are from the first tour . . . eleven years ago . . . when "the lads" (I always feel a little funny calling them that. LOL!) were younger--and when there were five of them. I wonder if you'll notice much of a difference, though. Production values and stage direction will have changed since then, of course, but Shane, Nicky, Kian and Mark have aged really well and don't look that much older. Even the fifth member (he who shall remain unnamed) isn't so jarring here, because he and Nicky have always looked a lot alike. So it's like having two Nickys on stage. (Ah, bliss!) Still, I can't help feeling nostalgic . . . Never mind that I wasn't really a Westlife fan back in 2001. =P

But now, before you cast your vote for the ultimate Westlife UK #1 Single . . .

When You're Looking Like That

It's wildcard time!!! =D

(Because I can have my cake and eat it, too. Thanks.)

Now you have three choices, which, when taken together, are a better representation of Westlife's career than the two finalists we originally had. We have a big love ballad, a great cover version, and an upbeat, danceable original track which could easily have made the "Flying without Wings Four", had it been part of the original "Swear It Again Sixteen".

So if you had been wondering why When You're Looking Like That didn't make the original line up, when it is arguably (if subjectively) superior to the non-UK #1 which did get to make up the numbers (namely, I Lay My Love on You) then now you have your answer. I deliberately left the former out . . . so that I could put it in. =P That is, so I could put it in at the very end, where it has a chance to steal the whole thing from our two mighty finalists. YEAH!!!

For I do agree that When You're Looking Like That is an amazing Pop track. I'm still not sure why it wasn't a proper single. I'll bet it would have gone straight to #1.

And now I dare you play this clip on and not get up and dance to the music. (You may succeed, but your body will hate you.)

This is also your LAST CHANCE to vote in Shredded Cheddar's Westlife UK #1 Singles Smackdown. And if you've entered my June Giveaway, it's also one of your last chances to get an extra entry. Next week, I will be announcing two winners: the winner of this smackdown and the winner of my giveaway. Good luck! =)


christopher said...


Enbrethiliel said...


Don't think I've forgotten what you told me about your special voting pattern! =P

I'm really sorry about Bop Bop Baby. I know you totally wanted it to win. =) (What?)

call me, beep me if you want to reach me said...


mrsdarwin said...

Uptown Girl. Has to be. My daughters can't stop listening to it, and now Jack goes around singing, "Uptown girl..." Those are the only words he remembers, but he sings them with conviction. Somewhere Billy Joel is crying and wondering why.

ShaneFilan Angels said...

Well, i vote fot Uptown Girl :)

i love their acts in it's video clip too :)

Enbrethiliel said...


You Know Who -- Thank you, sweetie! =)

Mrs. Darwin -- Billy Joel can cry all the way to the bank with all those extra royalties! =P But now do I apologise for what I have brought down upon your household?

ShaneFilan Angels -- Yay! You made it! Thanks so much for voting. =) Yes, the video clips are classic boy band fun, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

Uptown Girl

- MONster TITs O

Evie said...

I'm gonna have to vote for Flying Without Wings. For whatever reason I really dislike Uptown Girl (ugh!). And yeah, when You're Looking Like That is one of my absolute favs, too! This song just makes me want to dance around and sing (not a good idea, considering how horrible my singing is!).

Looking forward to seeing the results! This is so much fun :)

Enbrethiliel said...


MON -- LOL!!! You'll get yourself into real trouble someday, young man!

Evie -- Thanks! Wow, you are in the minority when it comes to Uptown Girl. ;-)

I wonder if When You're Looking Like That will get any votes. It is a fantastic Pop song, but it's up against some strong contenders here.

Enbrethiliel said...


Okay. Someone just voted for When You're Looking Like That! Without any hints from me, either! =P Thanks to @girlytanaya for voting through Twitter! =D

christopher said...

Can Cecilia vote here before the timer rings? If so, she picks Uptown Girl too :)

Enbrethiliel said...


Mrs. Darwin's three daughters all cast ballots through her, so of course Cecilia is welcome to join the party!

I have to say, though, that even with the scant participation by actual Westlife fans, I'm surprised by the results so far. (I had thought it would be a closer race!) Then again, considering the way the votes have been going, I should have seen this coming! LOL!

christopher said...

Outstanding, then Cezanne joins in too and votes Uptown Girl. Honest...

Enbrethiliel said...


Now I'm just curious . . . Did they hear Westlife's version at all? (LOL!)

Be reassured that the status of both votes is safe. Your answer will affect nothing. ;-)

amy said...

Sorry to let you down again, Enbrethiliel, can't vote today either. My youtube crashed. Good luck on the finals!

Enbrethiliel said...


It's all right, Amy! I wanted you to have the extra entry as much as I wanted Westlife to have another vote. =) Thank you for trying!