20 June 2012


Westlife UK #1 Singles Smackdown, Round 3!
(Revisit Round 1 and Round 2)

Last week's mini face-off was Safe vs. What Makes a Man . . . and it was no surprise to me that What Makes a Man emerged the winner. Here's this week's face-off to get you started . . .

Bop Bop Baby vs. Lighthouse

Let's juxtapose some more early Westlife and late Westlife. Bop Bop Baby was kind of a low for our lads, being an original song co-written by two of the members and the lowest charting single of their early career. Lighthouse is a more interesting case, having been written for them by a Novello-winning songwriter who also happened to be a member of another boyband. That didn't help it on the charts, however, as it is their lowest charting single ever. But which one was a better attempt to send up the boyband conventions?

Now that we've narrowed the field down to the Final Four--better described as the Flying without Wings Four--I think I should show off some really good clips from selected concerts. It'll make me feel a bit more depressed that Westlife won't be here this time next week . . . but I've been wallowing all month, anyway, so why should this post be any different?

You'll notice that the tone of the rest of the post is markedly different from the first part. That's because the text for the mini face-off was drafted a couple of weeks ago with the June Giveaway in mind, while the rest of this was written with nothing but the end of Westlife in mind.

Mourn with me, my friends. I'm the only one in the world who will award giveaway points while I'm at it.

Round 3
The Flying without Wings Four

Flying without Wings

My Love

Yes, these are clips from the Farewell Tour that I am currently missing. (I can't believe they're making me cry . . .) I was planning to write a serious lyrical analysis of these two songs, only to scrap that idea when I realised I just wanted to be emotional. My Love is one of my favourite Westlife songs ever--the first one I liked and the one that got me singing along with all my heart when I was putting this post together. It still baffles me that this doesn't seem to be as well loved as its current competitor, but Flying without Wings fan videos must outnumber it ten to one. And not just because Westlife have found a way to personalise each live performance.

Winner: Flying without Wings--because when Shane addresses each stadium with his famous "I love you," that's what makes it all . . . complete. =P

World of Our Own

Uptown Girl

I really wish Westlife had done more upbeat songs. Can't you see--not to mention hear--how great they are live? (So what if they're probably miming? Surely we can cut them some slack on the Farewell Tour.) World of Our Own is another huge favourite of mine--an opinion I'm glad to share with the majority of Westlife fans. Whenever I hear it, I wish I were in love so that I had someone I could sing it to. I love Uptown Girl as well, but then again, who doesn't? It was already a great song before they injected their special brand of charm into it, and now it's just irresistible. If I could bottle it and spray it all over myself, I'd actually have someone to sing World of Our Own to. =P

Winner: Uptown Girl--because there should be at least one cover in the finals . . . and here we have such a good one.


Sullivan McPig said...

I will just have to vote for Lighthouse here, because the other title hurts my eyes.

christopher said...


Enbrethiliel said...


Sully -- I know what you mean! That song made me cringe for years . . . You know, I think it still does. =P

Christopher -- Now I have to apologise for laughing at your vote. But it is funny. Thank you! =)

ShaneFilan Angels said...

i vote Lighthouse... :)

Enbrethiliel said...


Thank you, dear! You're just in time. I'll be putting up the last post in a short while.