28 June 2012


Theme Thursday 7

We've reached the last week of this special month of blogging--the last chance to look at the books I have up for grabs in my June Giveaway. If you see a book you like, then I invite you to enter and try your luck for it. =) Just enter your details in the Rafflecopter at the bottom of this post. Note that there is also a very easy way to get an extra entry this week, so if you enter, I hope you also vote in the Westlife UK #1 Singles Smackdown, Round 4! =D

This Week's Theme:

Both Sarah and Tom knew that if her family found out about this, they would be up in arms, so they kept it secret. Tom wrote love letters to Sarah, and put them in the hollow of a tree. Sarah had a young niece who thought that this was very romantic. She would take the letter from the tree and bring it to Sarah.

Sarah would read Tom's letter when she was all alone, and write an answer. The niece would take the answer, secretly, and put it in the hollow of the tree. Tom would come and take the answer from the tree. . . . And so their romance went on.

Until [Sarah's] brothers found out! They were wild! They spanked the niece . . . they cut down the tree. They kept Sarah under strict surveillance, home in the house. But they could not prevent her from going to Mass on Sundays . . .

Ah, poor tree! =( It was just trying to help . . .

Now, as I was saying . . . you'd think that a book with the title Mama Mary and Her Children (which you may already know as Option 17 in the June Giveaway) would have been full of snippets to fit last week's theme of Flowers. After all, the most popular Marian prayer in the world is the rosary, a name derived from rose--because every Hail Mary of the rosary can be thought of as a flower laid at Mary's feet. But Father James B. Reuter, SJ doesn't mention flowers at all!

I could have pushed the envelope last week and contributed a rosary-themed snippet--but for some reason, that didn't occur to me. =P

And instead we now have a snippet about Father Reuter's great-grandparents Sarah and Tom, and the tree that served as their post box . . . but no mention of Mary at all!

If you want to know how Sarah and Tom manage to get together and what Sunday Mass (or the rosary, for that matter) have to do with it, then you have less than a week left to put your name in the draw for this book! (And remember that anyone who chooses Mama Mary and Her Children for his prize gets the whole trilogy!)

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Yvonne said...

Great theme post! Have a great weekend!

Enbrethiliel said...


Thanks, Yvonne! =) The best to you, too!