15 May 2012


Twelve Things about You Again

12. There are very few pleasures I feel guilty about, but a certain subset of what we call the High School Movie is one of them. I'm referring to those movies about adults who should know better but who still regress to high school behaviour because they're just not over the past. And I feel guilty because I know I should be over the past, too--or at the very least, trying to get some real catharsis instead of watching actors do it for me on screen.

But it's just so much fun, you know?

11. And I feel less guilty when there is a quote that puts everything in perspective: "High school was a Horror movie! And this weekend is the sequel!" 

You can't choose your genre, remember? ;-)

10. But my favourite quote is: "There are seven billion people on this planet--and I get stuck with Satan's Spawn as my sister-in-law!" What fantastic use of Horror imagery to subvert typical Chick Flick serendipity! LOL! 

9 And as always with Horror--even Chick Flick Horror--it's easy to root for the Final Girl . . .

Marni vs. Joanna

Seems a bit unfair, though, doesn't it? The majority of the target audience would have bought their tickets because of Veronica Mars and Season 2 of Heroes--and they would side with Kirsten Bell's character. Heck, I watched exactly one episode of the former and stopped watching the latter before I even learned what her superpower was, and I still rooted for her character all the way.

8. The question of who gets to be Final Woman is a little tougher.

Gail vs. Ramona

My Child of the 80s heart simply can't decide between these two great ladies. (And they're both pitch-perfect in this movie, by the way.)

7. So what would you do if the four-year-long Horror epic that was your high school life threatened to spawn a sequel to span the rest of your life, with the news that your beloved brother is about to marry the ringleader of the bullies who once made your life completely miserable?

If your answer is, "I'd just tell him. He'd understand"--then you have a great Six-word Memoir that I hope does not double as Famous Last Words . . . but you also have a life that could never be made into a Chick Flick. That Marni simply can't get her brother Will alone for a heart-to-heart talk is the movie's biggest plothole--even if it makes possible the most hilarious twist.

On the other hand, if your answer is, "It's the past. I'm over it," then there is obviously no one in your past whom you'd mind having as an in-law. Congratulations!

6. Oh, for the record, the second biggest plothole is that Will and Joanna don't actually meet until after they've both graduated from a small-town high school--although he was on the basketball team and she was a cheerleader. (?!?!?!) Now, I love suspending disbelief, but this just makes Will look really, really dumb.

5. Up to this point, I've been assuming that everyone is a Marni. But it's quite possible that there's at least one Joanna reading this--and for her, I have another question:

What would you do upon realising that you've fallen deeply in love with the brother of the girl you used to torment on a daily basis in high school? If your answer is, "Of course I'd apologise to her"--then your own Six-word Memoir means you'll never get to be a Chick Flick villain. Which is very cool of you. =)

4. In fairness to Joanna, she really does "repent" (as we old-fashioned religious types like to say) after her parents die, and tries to turn her life around.

But does that make it okay? 

I'm another sort of religious type--the kind who struggles to give new converts the benefit of the doubt--and I don't think that conversion alone makes everything okay. I'm not asking people to pay back four times what they owe to those they've cheated . . . but I do think apologies are universally affordable. (They're certainly cheaper than the indulgences you'll need after your death.)

3. And in fairness to Marni now, she does give Joanna the chance to apologise before she finds another way to get the closure she craves.

But does that make Marni's actions okay? =P 

LOL! Fair question! And the answer is no. =) But inasmuch as something needs to happen to complete Joanna's conversion and make her worthy of the ending she herself wants, then within the Chick Flick Bubble of Ethics, Marni is completely justified. (Sigh!)

2. I knew nothing about this movie before I channel surfed into it a few evenings ago--or else I might never have watched it. What kept me going was Kirsten Bell's natural charm . . . and the way nearly every other actor seemed to pop up the way they would if they were just doing cameos.

I was surprised to see Jamie Lee Curtis playing Marni's mother--and thrilled when her archnemesis turned out to be Sigourney Weaver. Now I'm kind of sorry for everyone who already knows about the cast, because he won't get to watch this and squeal, "Hey, look! It's __________!" every twenty minutes.

1. The great cast is not enough to save You Again from being a completely unsatisfying story . . . but whoever got Hall and Oates to sing over the end credits had me so completely distracted (and so happily dancing), that for about four minutes, I was all, "Plot development what?"

But since Embedding Has Been Disabled by Request, you don't have to worry that I'll pull the same trick on you. =P 

Image Sources: a) You Again poster, b) Marni vs. Joanna, c) Gail vs. Ramona


Jenny said...

I haven't seen this one yet but I LOVE how you can dissect things. Especially something as seemingly trivial as a chick flick.

Enbrethiliel said...


Thanks, Jenny! =) If you do see this, I hope you let me know what you think.

Fairday Morrow said...

Great post! I love the line about high school being a horror movie and the weekend the sequel- so true and so fun! ~ Jess

lisa :) said...

I've never even heard of this movie, but it does have a really great cast! Too bad there wasn't more substance to show off their acting talents, but at least it made for a fun analysis post!

Enbrethiliel said...


Jess -- I wrote that quote down immediately! =)

Lisa -- It's one of the more obscure Chick Flicks from the past decade--and for good reason. =P But it also has that rare, precious seed that grows into a "Twelve Things" post that I hope is as fun for you all to read as it is for me to write. Thanks for stopping by!

Sarahbotbonkers said...

I've watched this! And sadly, I don't remember much about it. But it was indulging? ;) Love this post. I really admire the way you analyzed the movie. Great post! :D

Enbrethiliel said...


Thanks, Sarah! I don't think I'd remember much about this one, either, if it weren't for Jamie Lee Curtis and Sigourney Weaver. LOL!