14 May 2012


McFly Monday: The Songs Everybody Knows

Tom McFly got married last weekend (Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher!!!), but I'm not about to stalk the Tumblr people for the few photos papparazzi and fans alike managed to sneak of wedding party, so I might as well blog about the recently concluded Keep Calm and Play Louder Tour instead.

Not that I got to go or anything. But when other people go and bring Panasonic cameras with them, it's really the next best thing.

Perhaps the most popular set this year was Everybody Knows, which had a little surprise after the guitar solo.

Many thanks to Charlie Bell for filming this!
(Send her your compliments on Twitter!)

So can you identify all the pop songs in the medley? When I first saw this video, I could sing (and scream) along to all of them but one--and since then, that has been rectified. =) I've lived for stuff like this ever since I fell in love with The Four Chord Song.

As the tour progressed, McFly added a Busted song to the mix. Got to love those boys!

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