11 May 2012


Hit Me . . . with Your Best Prompts

Twenty-one is one of my favourite numbers of all time. It has been since those Blackjack lessons my grandmother gave me when I was nine years old. So I didn't mean for the twenty-first W&Q call for prompts to be displaced from its expected Wednesday position--but Westlife has been on a winning streak lately, and they deserved that space.

Then I saw a Theme Thursday topic I just had to do. You know how it is . . .

But I'm finally open for prompts today and will accept them until Monday. Check out the full schedule after the jump:

14 May -- Deadline for prompts--and I'll send them out on the same day
16 May -- The first poem goes up on this blog; everyone can start linking their own up
30 May -- Deadline for poems

And now to help tide everyone over until Monday . . .

I'm pleased to report that everyone reported for poetry in last month's game: W&Q 20

Dauvit also published two poems on his blog to cover some older W&Q debts. You might recognise a former word or question of your own in his latest post: Paying a Debt.

And remember . . . we all love nice comments! =)


christopher said...

W&Q on their way :)

Enbrethiliel said...


Thanks. =) So far, I have prompts from two other players.