11 April 2012


Westlife Wednesday: Deja Vu . . .

More Than Words is one of my favourite Westlife covers. It's just so sweet.

Again, they're not making much of a musical statement and are probably riding on the melody's natural loveliness as much as on the way Shane Filan's and Bryan McFadden's voices sound together . . . but I'm sharing it anyway because unless I do, you won't understand my reaction to last Sunday's opening act on The Voice of Ireland.

This week, it was Team Kian's turn to perform together with their coach, who is, of course, Kian Egan from Westlife. And there's a reason I don't think it necessary to tell you which one he is in the above video. You'll just know . . .

0:03 The second I saw this, I thought of that.
0:06 And the second I heard this, I totally lost it.
0:19 Okay, so he's not Shane . . . or Brian . . . or Mark . . . or even Nicky . . . (ROFL!)
0:30 Sharon Gaynor, who sings every song exactly the way the original artist does. =/
0:41 Elliot Canavan Doyle, the shining star in the Team Kian firmament. (I totally tried to make the timestamps match his outfit.)
0:50 Liam Geddes, Kian Egan's favourite son and admittedly the team's best natural talent. (But not weird enough for me, you know?)
1:01 Jim Devine, who is so good in this number and so bad in his solo peformances that it blows my mind.
1:31 I told you he was Kian's favourite . . . =P
1:41 But Elliot is mine. =)
1:50 Recognise this odd bridge passage? It's not just a song Westlife happened to cover and stage direction Westlife happens to be known for (The stools, people! The STOOLS!); it's also an adapted Westlife arrangement.
2:13 And do you know what Favourite Son sings later in the competition? (Use your Secret Decoder Ring: Flying without Wings!!! And my heard nearly exploded at the first line. But in all fairness, he sang it well.)
2:49 And I'm like, "Do the air grab, Kian! Do the air grab!!!" (LOL!!!)

I have not been this amused by a live performance since I watched Duran Duran do Save a Prayer on the 2004 Live in London DVD. (I was so tickled that I had to live blog it, too: Twenty Years Later: Can't Beat Classic Duran Duran.)

It's always so entertaining when you can see someone's ego on stage. And Kian Egan could out-ego Simon LeBon any day!

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