10 April 2012


The Big Two-Oh!

UPWORDS Letter Wampersand &letter Q 
Stencil Number  2number 0

Would you believe I almost forgot to announce this? =P That's why it's going up on a Wednesday but is backdated to Tuesday. (Can't displace a Westlife post now, can I?)

And can you believe that this will be our twentieth game? If you've missed the last one, here is a quick link so that you can read the poems: W&Q 19.

Now, I'm still expecting a poem from the nineteenth game . . . and I've told the player he has until this Friday to link up before being banned from the April festivities. (Now all I need is music to make me sound more intimidating than I actually am when I write such things. . .)

Hoping for the best from stragglers and early birds alike, here is this month's schedule . . .

13 April -- Deadline for prompts (Are you feeling lucky, punks? LOL!)
15 April -- E-mails with new prompts go back out to players
18 April -- My poem goes up on this blog; everyone may start sharing their links
25 April -- Deadline for poems

And in case all this is Greek to you, drop by the Playing Poetry Page for the rules and mechanics. =)


christopher said...

Had fun with my first try last month, count me in again (even though I never got the fame, riches, and glory that you promised I'd get if I entered...). Will send an email later!

Enbrethiliel said...


I've received your e-mail. Thanks! =)

Salome Ellen said...

On its way!

Enbrethiliel said...


Received! =D